How to Play Bubble Cash – Is Bubble Cash Legit Or Scam


While the primary reason for participating in mobile games is to have fun and relax from rigorous schedules, there have been new development and individuals can now earn real cash while they play games. 

One game that promises cash rewards to its players is Bubble cash, a game where you participate in an actual money tournament competing with other players. The competition involves shooting and matching bubbles and the player with the highest score will be the winner. 


Does Bubble Cash Actually Work?


Does Bubble Cash Actually Work


Yes, Bubble cash is a mobile game designed by Papaya Gaming Ltd. just like Bingo cash and Solitaire cash, Bubble cash is also one of the most popular games made by the Israel game development company that offers real-life cash rewards. 

The mobile game is designed as a shooting game that requires the player to shoot the bubbles displayed on the screen to earn in-game points and raise the player’s score.

Bubble cash has been fans’ favorite and has enjoyed a large level of popularity and ratings.  The game has acquired over 50,000 ratings and reviews and has a high rating of 4.6/5 on the app store. 

When playing Bubble cash, players have the opportunity to win both in-game money and cash. Playing Bubble gum is easy and straightforward and will not require any additional skills. In the beginning, you will be provided with a board that contains multiple colored bubbles.

With your finger, you will be able to shoot bubbles on the screen and when you have up to three exact bubble colors on the board, these bubbles will be removed from each other when they touched each other. 

With these processes, you will aim at getting rid of all the bubbles available on the board and attain the highest score as the game time is limited. Due to the availability of a time limit, you will also have access to three hearts when you start to play. When you proceed with the game and you’re unable to correctly clear a bubble when you shoot, you will lose a heart. However, this won’t be the case if your shot clears the bubbles perfectly. 

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In a situation where you exhaust all three hearts, and was unable to get rid of the bubbles with your next shot, an additional row of bubbles will be added to the original bubbles and you will be awarded three new hearts to proceed with your game. 

To make your gameplay easier, Bubble cash is designed to make your bubble target visible and you will also be able to see the color of the next bubble in line which will give you the leverage to properly strategize your play. 


When you shot the bubbles, it is normal for the bubbles to bounce to the side of the board to create another shooting angle however, a bouncing bubble will cease to bounce if it comes in contact with another bubble. 

Three factors determine your game score on Bubble cash, your score will be determined by the number of bubbles that were removed, if the board is free of bubbles, and the amount of time left after completing the task. 


How To Win At Bubble Cash


How To Win At Bubble Cash


There are four game modes available on Bubble cash through which you can win cash rewards. Each mode is designed to make you compete against numerous players while the best three players with outstanding scores will receive the promised prize. All players’ scores are also available and can be viewed on the leaderboard. 

The four different Bubble cash game modes include. 


  • Gems Game Mode

A player will be required to provide gems to participate in the gems game mode and will also receive a gem prize for winning. Acquiring gems on Bubble cash can be done when you win lots of games, play every day to claim the daily rewards, and by watching ad videos. 


  • Freeroll Mode

Just like the gems game mode, you will also have to play the freeroll mode with gems. However, gems are not the reward in this mode as you will be competing to win bonus cash prizes. 


  • Limited Time Mode

The limited-time mode is only available to play a few times. This mode competition is a paid game where players will be promised cash rewards for winning but a cash balance will be required to take part in this mode. 


  • Paid Games Mode

Just like the limited-time mode, players are required to have a cash balance before they can participate in this mode. You can put money in your cash balance by making a deposit or through bonus cash which can be earned with referrals or by winning some competition in some game modes. 

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Once you have a sufficient amount in your cash balance, you will be able to play the paid games mode where players get to earn the promised cash rewards. 

All these modes have requirements that have to be reached before you can unlock them. You will be required to reach a level before you can proceed with each mode. Leveling up can be done by consistently playing the game which will in turn increase your experience point and level. 


Who Can Play Bubble Cash?


Due to the game design and structure ( gambling elements), Bubble cash is made available for players that are seventeen years and above. However, the developer instructs that players should be eighteen or above to be eligible to play. 

Bubble cash can also only be played on eligible IOS devices which includes iPhones, iPods, and iPad IOS. the game is currently not available for android users and they won’t be able to have access to it on the Google play store. 

The game is strictly designed in English and is available for players in the United States, Western Australia, Tasmania, and Canada.  The cash competition on Bubble cash can only be played by players in a few states in the US including Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, and South Carolina. 


How Much Can I Earn On Bubble Cash?


While bubble cash won’t provide you with a massive amount, it is an outstanding way of earning extra fees while you have fun.  If you’re good at the game and your level is outstanding, you should be able to earn up to $60 or above while playing. 

You might be required to pay an amount to participate in a competition, you will have to put in your best in this case and ensure you are one of the best three players with the highest score to stand a chance of making a profit or at least making back the amount that was deposited to participate in the game. 

If you’re not willing to make an entry fee deposit to participate in games, the only way you can participate in cash games is by receiving bonus cash either through referrals or by playing the freeroll game mode first to earn the required amount. 


How Do I Withdraw Money From Bubble Cash?


When you make a deposit or win a cash reward while playing the paid game mode, such money can be easily withdrawn from your cash balance. All you have to do is click on the Withdraw option that is located in your account menu. You will be given the option to input the amount you will like to withdraw and you will also have to input an active Paypal email where the money will be sent. The request will be processed and it will take up to three to thirteen days before you receive the money. 

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Bubble cash is a common bubble shooting mobile device game that can be downloaded on the App store. The game is popular not only because it is fun to play but because it also offers an opportunity to earn cash rewards when you reach certain stages. 


The game is a real money-making application and it’s not one of the numerous scam apps available. However, the game allows players to play with their real money which is why it is not an ideal game for individuals with gambling addiction. 

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