Keystone Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code 2023 (No Card Required)


Do you know that there is a way for you to withdraw from the ATM without an ATM card? If you forget your ATM card, no need to worry. In this article, I will be sharing how to activate and use the keystone bank cardless withdrawal code. Cardless withdrawal helps you to withdraw money from the ATM without your debit card.


It is very simple and safe. So if you have been wondering how to withdraw money from the ATM with your phone. This page contains a full tutorial.


Keystone bank has introduced many banking platforms to help its users enjoy easy and secure banking. On this website, I have reviewed many digital platforms by keystone bank. You can now enjoy mobile banking and do a lot more.


Cardless withdrawal is one of the features of keystone bank mobile banking. It saves you the fear of losing your ATM card to the wrong hands. Keystone bank cardless withdrawal reduces fraud and blocks hackers from stealing your details.

As a keystone bank customer, you can use this method to withdraw from any keystone bank ATM and other bank ATM that has cardless withdrawal enabled.


How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without ATM Card


How To Withdraw Money From Keystone Bank ATM Without ATM Card


First, you need to activate keystone bank mobile banking on your account. If you have not, read a full guide on keystone bank USSD code. Then proceed with the procedures below.

This method works with keystone bank ATMs and other banks’ ATMs with cardless withdrawal enabled.

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  • Dial *7111#
  • Select ‘Other Services
  • Choose ‘Cardless Withdrawal
  • Select ‘Account Number’
  • Enter the Amount to withdraw (the minimum amount is N1,000)
  • Create a 4-digits PIN for use on the ATM
  • Enter your 4-digits USSD PIN to confirm
  • Successful/Failed Notification
    Receive a message with the pay code/cardless withdrawal digits.
  • Go to the nearest ATM and click on the CARDLESS PAY CODE option.
  • Input the pay code and 4-digit PIN created.
  • Wait for the ATM to verify your details and dispense your cash.


You can now help a friend, who is stranded without his or her ATM card. Generate the pay code and send it to the person. Then tell him to use the nearest ATM to cash out using the steps above.


Hope this article on Keystone Bank Cardless Withdrawal was helpful. Please, if you have any questions, use the comment box below.


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