Rat Race Rebellion Review? Legit Or Scam


If you looking for ways to get your career on the right path and unlock your financial freedom, then you are in the right place.

Look no further, because this publication will explain in detail what the rat race rebellion is all about, the merits and demerits, people’s opinions about the platform, etc.

Do you love working from your designated office or the comfort of your home, you should then consider rat race rebellion; a platform dedicated to connecting job seekers with job employers. It also eases the stress of having to walk around in search of vacant job positions and having to submit your curriculum vitae all around.


Rat Race Rebellion Meaning


It is a platform designed for job seekers and recruiters. The platform came into the limelight in the year 1999 and has made a lot of impact for over two (decades) since its launch.

They are undoubtedly experienced in helping people find job opportunities and they know what’s best for everyone. If you are currently unemployed or looking for new employment opportunities,  the rat race rebellion platform has everything you need to find the right jobs for you

The platform generates its income from advertisement, but they do not share or sell users’ data to market research companies. Although the platform privacy policy may argue otherwise, because the privacy policy states that they are more likely to sell users’ statistical data to market research companies, advertising agencies, etc.

The rat race rebellion is widely famous across the states and is often mentioned in diverse media houses. They’ve also partnered with and sponsored diverse government and non-governmental programs since their launch. For example, they are one of the early sponsors of the WAH programs; an academic program for Air force students in the United States where successful candidates will obtain a degree in their respective courses and a lieutenant rank in the air force.


Rat Race Rebellion jobs


If you are planning to take advantage of this job-seeking platform, do note that you are not required to pay any fee to be a part of this amazing program. You will get to unlock limitless opportunities of finding jobs that fit you once you join this amazing platform.

The platform has recorded billions of members since its launch in 1999. However, the platform is more famous in the United States, because most job recruiters in the United States adopt this platform as a means of finding potential employees.

If you are not a citizen of the united states, you can still take advantage of the platform by searching for jobs near you. For example, if you are in Germany, and you are seeking an office assistant job, you can simply search for the post of an office assistant within your location.

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Signing up on the platform also gives you other advantages, which include getting notified about new jobs, and you can get to receive notifications every day of the week. Weekends and public holidays are excluded because job recruiters might want to take a break off searching for a potential employee.

The number of jobs you can apply for daily is unlimited, and it’s not compulsory that you have to apply for several jobs per day. You may also choose to stop receiving job notifications on the platform by unsubscribing from the platform mailing list.

The rat race rebellion platform does not share or sell users’ statistical data. The site additionally warns you of the possibilities of having your data shared with third-party websites because have little or no control over how other platforms access their site data when linked together.

If you are the type who takes online privacy very seriously, then you might want to be careful while surfing through the rat race rebellion platform.


How Legit Is The Rat Race Rebellion Platform?


Most people who question the credibility of the rat race rebellion platform are either non-citizens of America, new immigrants who are hearing about it for the first time, or people who do not know the background of the job-seeking platform.

The rat race rebellion platform has been existing since the year 1999 and has been providing real-life solutions to job seekers, and also giving job recruiters a means to reach more potential candidates for vacant positions. They have been serving both job recruiters, and job seekers for over two decades and have connected millions of employees to their employers.

With the above being said, you should understand that they are 100% legit, and you have nothing to worry about. In addition, you are not required to pay any amount of money in other to access this job recruiting and job-seeking platform.


Rat Race Rebellion No Experience


As we all know, the rat race rebellion platform helps connect job recruiters to job seekers. You may be curious to learn how the whole thing works.

Here’s how It works; the platform collects data on vacant jobs from diverse companies, and then displays it on their platform. Where all job seekers can see a wide range of employment opportunities from different companies, and then get a link that will redirect them to the company’s website where they can officially submit their application.

Rat race rebellion platform will display all necessary eligibility criteria for all available jobs for example needed skills, work experience, salary expectations, educational background, etc.

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You are also opportune to get jobs that will enable you to work from anywhere when you use the rat race rebellion platform. For example, virtual assistant jobs, web programming jobs, digital marketing jobs, graphics design, video editing jobs, etc.

You also stand the chance of seeing other types of incentives jobs such as getting paid for performing tasks such as giving your opinion about a website or product, downloading an app, etc. However, do note that the chances of getting paid while taking incentives jobs are very slim, and rat race rebellion does not take its time to validate incentive types of job offers.


Where To Find Job Listings


You can always find new jobs on the website homepage, or by constantly checking your email for new job notifications. In addition, you can always check out all of the rat race rebellion social media platforms for new job notifications.

So if you find it inconvenient to be surfing through the rat race rebellion platform every day or having to refresh your emails, you can always view jobs while surfing through your favorite social media platform like Facebook.

If you are looking for a specific type of job, you can always search for it. For example, if you are in search of the job of an IT supervisor, you can use the website’s search icon to search for the keywords “IT Supervisor” and you will see related job openings near you.


Reviewing The  Rat Race Rebellion


Everybody knows the rat race rebellion platform has been useful to billions of job seekers and employers in America since its launch, but if the rat race rebellion website sounds new to you then you might consider hearing people’s opinions about it. This is why I conducted an anonymous survey about what feel people feel about the rat race rebellion platform.

Mike from California USA believes the platform offers his real jobs as he benefited from the website’s job advertisement, and landed his past job as a marketing director for a big firm.

Sonia from Phoenix Arizona believes that the platform helped her boyfriend get a new job right after losing his previous job. She says it took less than a week before he landed a new job while using the rat race rebellion job-seeking platform.

Ben from New York says the website gives him so much joy because he has the opportunity to surf through various jobs from the comfort of his home. He added that it’s all more interesting because it’s free to use.

Rebecca feels the website helps her develop new skills because she saw lots of jobs with enticing salary attractions but require a particular skill. She took her time to learn this skill, developed herself, and got a similar job.

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Irrespective of all the positive comments, most people have an issue with the eligibility criteria for every job which is a speculated work experience needed in every field. Before applying for a job, you may be required to have up to 5 years of working experience which some people find uninteresting.



  • You can work from home.
  • You are not required to pay any money upfront.
  • The website has a 100% credibility status while offering real jobs
  • The platform currently partners with the united states government which means they are 100% legal.
  • You can find jobs in other countries aside from the USA. For example, you can take advantage of the platform if you are in India, Canada, Germany, etc.
  • You get to see all important job descriptions including expected salaries.
  • It makes it easier to be a stay-at-home mom or dad.



  • The website takes no responsibility when you do not get paid via incentives jobs like surveys.
  • The platform might sometimes post jobs that already have maximum applicants.





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In conclusion, the rat race rebellion platform is an amazing place to connect with Job seekers or job employers in the USA. If you are job hunting, you get to view a lot of jobs that fit your educational background, skills, etc.

You can take advantage of the platform even if you are not a citizen of America. You can enjoy diverse job openings and are not expected to pay any membership fee for all services rendered.

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