Swipe To Blast App Review? Legit Or Scam


The swipe to Blast game has millions of people around the world hoping to win some money or gift cards that can be converted to cash. There are at least ten people who get the chance to play the swipe-to-play game every day while hoping to win cash prizes.

In the present day world, most game developers are coming up with more ideas on how to generate more money for themselves. One of those ideas includes creating an app like swipe to blast while promising cash rewards for your time. 

It’s easy to fall for an app promising to give you cash rewards just for performing small tasks like watching a video ad, downloading a mobile game, viewing a website, writing a review about a product or brand, etc. But the most frequently asked questions are whether it is real, and what are the chances of getting paid after performing all tasks.

This publication will mainly focus on the truth revolving around the swipe-to-blast app, people’s opinions about the platform, and if it’s worth your time.


Overview Of The Swipe To Blast App


The Swipe blast app came into the limelight less than a decade ago and has gained fame around the world while promising people cash prizes.  It was built and developed by a team of developers popularly known as “Liquarat”. They mostly focus on creating games and apps in diverse niches that are compatible with all smartphone devices.

The app promises to pay up to $200 in cash rewards when you perform simple tasks, and millions of people tend to try it out while hoping to win real-life money. 

Sam from Dallas Texas claimed he and his friends saw the swipe blast game ads while playing an online game that offers no cash rewards, and they are motivated to try out the game. Most people are in Sam’s shoes, because there’s an 80% chance that you must have seen the game advert while playing a different game online, or while surfing the web. Meanwhile, the other 20% heard about the app through words of mouth from friends or relatives.

The online adverts are more eye catchy, and enticing enough to grab the attention of anyone looking to make a few bucks from home, or anyone trying to have an extra means of making money. The advert makes everything looks easy where you see a happy woman displaying the app dashboard on the side of the screen. And you can always see the woman’s enticing dashboard with lots of money accumulated from playing the game.

They make everything look so real because they make people assume that they partnered with Amazon and PayPal by displaying their logo on the ads. The only reason why they display Amazon and PayPal logos are that they offer payments directly to your PayPal account or via an Amazon gift card, and it all revolves around making the app look more enticing enough to everyone.

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PayPal is not generally accepted as a tender means of payment around the world. For example, there are some countries where PayPal does not offer its services. However, people can always receive Amazon gift cards from all around the world and convert them to cash by reselling the gift card at a speculated price. 

All the above are strategies on how to make the game look more real, and you can also withdraw your earnings as in-game cash which can be spent on other online games. You can use such rewards to unlock more levels, guns, etc in other games. 

The swipe blast game makes it looks easy to make at least $20 per day which can be used to pay bills, and meet your everyday needs. A student, stay-at-home mom or dad, or a full-time team member can take advantage of this app by making a couple of bucks in their spare time.


Understanding Swipe To Blast


The swipe-to-blast app is an app designed for people around the world with chances of making real money from playing games. The app is no different from other pre-existing apps like PG world, Lucktastic, Dabbl, FusionCash, etc where millions of people play for a chance at winning cool cash prizes in their very own comfort. 

Most money-making apps like this do not offer you the chance to cash out instantly, as you may need to hit the platform withdrawal requirements. Some of these money-making apps might require you to refer at least 5 people or have a specified minimum balance. Meanwhile, the swipe-to-blast app only requires you to have a minimum balance of $200, before you can initiate the withdrawal process.

Millions of people have downloaded and installed the application on their smartphones since it’s still a new app. Most people feel new apps might pay a certain number of people so they can spread the word to their friends and family offline and online. 

The only downside about this is that smartphone users such as Android are not permitted to give their opinion about the app on the play store app, because it’s still new. This means you can’t get to see what other people are saying about this app. Not to worry, as we conducted an anonymous survey on people who have tried out the app. Keep reading, as you will get to read honest reviews of people who already tried out the application.


How The App Works


You are most likely to have heard about the app online and must have been prompted to download the app. Upon successfully downloading, and installing the app, you simply open it and click on the “Play” icon to get started.

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Do note that the app is trustworthy as it does not invade your privacy by asking for permission to access or view your media library, calls, emails, etc. You are also not required to link any of your email or social media accounts to the app before you can get a chance at playing the game.

In other to play the game, you are required to swap numbers randomly in other to meet a target number. Upon successful completion of hitting your target, you will receive your rewards. You can play for as long as you want without needing to deposit a penny. You also stand of winning extra rewards when you meet some requirements of the game

Here’s the twist about it; your rewards are not immediately deposited into your account as you are going to need to watch a video advert for a few seconds. The app claims to make money off the ads placed on the app platform. Upon successfully watching the video, your rewards should reflect in your account dashboard. 

The downside about the above is that the videos might not be available for you to watch, and you stand a chance of losing your rewards if you fail to watch the video ad. And the app takes no responsibility for any error that occurs during the process of watching the video ad.

Other errors that may occur include watching the video ad and not getting paid, not gaining access to the video ad, and an internet connection error on your end.


Is It Legit?


Judging from past experiences with similar apps like Luckstatic, Dabbl, FusionCash, and many more others, the Swipe to blast app is legit and you are most likely to earn money from it. Imagine a platform where you can get to win up to $500 monthly.

But the question remains if the app generated enough revenue to pay out such a huge amount to everyone who unlocks withdrawal? Because the money generated from ad placement may not be enough to pay millions of people playing this game.

You then have to consider if this is worth your time and look at what you stand to gain or lose when you try out the swipe-to-blast app. It is also important to note that the app has no legal backing that supports the players, which means the company cannot be held responsible for any error or inconveniences.

If you still feel you can make money from the app. You should take your time to read people’s reviews about the app below.


Reviewing The Swipe To Blast App


It’s always best to get other people’s opinions about something before labeling it good or bad which is why we conducted an anonymous research survey that targeted people who have downloaded and installed the app. Below are a few of their comments;

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Flora from NJ claims the whole game is fake. She added that she kept accumulating money until she had $180+ in her account before the app stopped recording her rewards. She lamented how she will take time off work to play the game while hoping to win real money.

Felix also claims the app stopped recording his earnings while he was close to hitting the minimum withdrawal limit. He also tagged the app as a “Scam” 

Kelvin from Philadelphia claims the app is a waste of time, and he feels bad about falling for such a cheap scam.

Evans from Smallville claims he was able to successfully hit the minimum withdrawal limit which is $200, but he had trouble withdrawing his earnings, and the app did not provide any form of support to him.

Collins experienced the same issue and blamed himself for not looking out for reviews about the app before trying it out.



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Video Guide






In conclusion, the swipe-to-blast app is a game focused on generating real money for its users. You can take advantage of the app by playing to win cash prizes. 

Most people complain about experiencing an error with the app, I believe it might be because the app is still in its early stage. 

Feel free to share this publication, and give your opinion about the app in the comment section!

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