SunTrust Zelle Limit 2023 (Daily, Weekly And Monthly Limits)


If you’re considering registering an account with SunTrust, one of your biggest considerations should be the ease of receiving money from other banks and transferring it to other people with valid bank accounts. One way to determine the flexibility of a bank’s transfer options is by checking their Zelle limits.

If you’re after the SunTrust Zelle limit, I have news for you: there’s no such thing as SunTrust Bank anymore. Not long ago, SunTrust completed a merger of sorts with BB&T, after which it renamed itself Truist Bank. So, we’re talking about Truist Bank’s limits here, not SunTrust’s.

With that said, I’ll continue to use “SunTrust Zelle limit” throughout this article for simplicity. So, let’s get to reviewing SunTrust’s integration with Zelle and the limits associated with using payment service with your SunTrust account.


SunTrust Zelle Limit 2023


Unfortunately, you can’t send as much money as you want using Zelle. The limits vary depending on the bank you’re using, with the founding banks tending to have significantly higher limits than banks that joined in on the trend. Since SunTrust isn’t a founding bank, what is the SunTrust Zelle limit?

The SunTrust Zelle limit should be anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500, as that’s the average for banks like Truist. Since I can’t find any official documents from Zelle quoting the official limit, you just have to experiment to know the actual limit for you.

You can determine your Zelle sending and receiving limits using the official Zelle mobile app or by calling a customer care representative to ask them the same. It’s crucial to note, however, that the limits are controlled by Truist Bank and not Zelle. Also, you can’t increase the limits associated with transferring or receiving money using Zelle.

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If you don’t understand the rationale behind limiting how much of your own money you can send out, it’s for your protection. Like Cash App, Zelle processes payments instantly, and once they’re successful, you cannot reverse them. 

With that said, if a scammer happens to get hold of your account, they can only transfer so much before the limit kicks in. The limits also vindicate the bank in cases of fraud and money laundering since they’re doing what the law requires them to do. In short, they’re protecting you by protecting themselves, which makes a lot of sense.



Does SunTrust Have Zelle?


At this point, SunTrust is compatible with almost every registered bank in the United States. With everyone preferring to receive payments using Zelle, not offering the Zelle payment service is the exception and not the norm.

When SunTrust was a standalone bank, it offers the Zelle payment service to all customers, which facilitated quick and effortless payments to bank account holders across all US banks. Also, the limits were okay, and there were only a few things to complain about with the overall service.

With SunTrust linking up with BB&T to form Truist Bank, the case still hasn’t changed. The resulting Truist Bank still maintains the Zelle integration that both of the founding banks has before forming a merger, only that it’s better than it ever was.

If you receive or send money frequently, you may want to use Zelle to make the payments quicker and less expensive. The following section will show you how to set up SunTrust with Zelle and the advantages of using both financial services together.


How to Use Zelle with SunTrust


If you have an account with SunTrust (now Truist Bank), there’s a good chance that you’ll be more worried about setting up your bank with Zelle than the Zelle limits. Before moving on to the limits associated with using SunTrust and Zelle, it’s crucial to learn how to use both services together first.

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If you understand how Zelle works, you should already know that having an account with SunTrust already qualifies you to use Zelle. Since you’re reading this article, I’ll assume you have an account with SunTrust and you’re looking for a way to set it up to work with Zelle. Follow the steps below to achieve that.


  • Download the Truist mobile banking app

The most common way to access Zelle using your SunTrust Bank account is by downloading the mobile banking app or using the internet banking website. Since SunTrust is now Truist, the correct app to download is the Truist mobile banking app and not the SunTrust banking app anymore.

An alternative is downloading the Zelle mobile app directly, but that will only pile up the number of apps you’ll have on your phone. In most cases, you’ll have the Truist mobile app that you use in managing your finances; adding the Zelle app to the mix is just unnecessary.


  • Try transferring money using Zelle

Try going through the regular process of transferring money using the Truist Bank app. Instead of sending it using the regular process, you should see an option that lets you send money with Zelle. Select it to continue making your payment.

Since you’re using the Zelle payment service for the very first time, you may have to confirm your details. Generally, Zelle should import your details from your bank, except if it needed information that you didn’t provide when signing up for your account.

After making all necessary confirmations, you can go ahead with sending money using Zelle. Payments sent using the service are usually quick, or in some cases instantaneous. However, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. One of the reasons why they’re not perfect is that you can only send and receive up to a certain amount when using Zelle.

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The following section will outline the SunTrust Zelle limit to show you exactly how much you can transfer using the service.


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When you have an account with one of the banks in the Zelle network, you get significantly better limits than the awful $500 default. Since SunTrust (now Truist Bank) is an official partner of Zelle, you can expect better limits. This article explains what the SunTrust Zelle limit is and why. 

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