Does Quadpay Accept Chime? See How It Works


So in this post, I will be answering the question if Quadpay accepts Chime.

Chime is an online banking app that offers several banking functions all within one app, it is not a standalone bank but rather relies on several physical banks in the US, like Bankcorp.


Chime does come with a Credit builder card that helps you build your credit score, although, before you can get started with the Chime credit builder you must have made a minimum of $200 to your credit builder account.


It also has a debit card that can be used in getting cash, from several cash-out points, like linking it as a payment method, paying for online purchases, and so on.

On the other hand, Quadpay which is also known as zipping now is a kind of buy now and pay later, where you can shop even without having any money.


Does Quadpay Accept Chime?


Therefore, the question may be posed to those using chime, asking if Quadpay accepts the Chime bank.

Alright, let’s figure it out


Does Quadpay Accept Chime?


Yes, Quadpay is known to accept all kinds of Network Branded Cards like American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and the like.

Although, it tends not to accept Cards that aren’t linked to a bank account, like prepaid cards.

Chime, which offers both a credit card as well as a debit card, which can be used for spending, is quite Acceptable by Quadpay.

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Therefore, if you have a Chime spending account or a Chime debit card you can go on to use it at Quadpay.


How to Add a Chime Card to The Zip App (quad Pay)?


Now that you know that with your Chime credit card or debit card, you can actually link it up on Quadpay, the question you might be asking is, How can you add your Chime card to Quadpay?

This question may be dumb to exist, for users, who had to try adding other banks on Quadpay but just want to know if Chime is actually supported.

Therefore, if you are a new user, and you can’t figure out how you can add the Chime card on Quadpay, don’t worry!


The steps below show you how you can add the Chime card on Quadpay, this method works quite well with both the debit card as well as the credit card.


  • Step 1: Open the Quadpay (Zip) mobile application
  • Step 2: Tap on Account, just at the bottom right of the Quadpay app
  • Step 3: Choose Payment Methods
  • Step 4: Select Add a Payment Card
  • Step 5: Enter your card details such as your card number, expiry date of your card, etc
  • Step 6: Tap on Add Card

And that is all, just as simple as that!


What Cards Does Quadpay (zip) Accept


Pardon me for using the word Zip, Zip is the new name for Quadpay.

However, you might be wondering what cards are supported by Quadpay, literally, Quadpay supports most cards that are either linked to your bank account, or credit cards.

Quadpay won’t support prepaid cards that aren’t linked to a particular bank account, and therefore need money to be loaded into it before they can be used.

Card issues from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover tend to be accepted by Quadpay.

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These cards could be either debit cards or credit cards, but not prepaid cards.


Chime offers both debit cards and credit cards, therefore, you can go on using either of these cards with Quadpay, and it will work just fine as you expected.

But in other cases, where you try using a prepaid card on Quadpay, trust me, it will be rejected.


What Payment Methods Are Not Accepted by Quadpay?


Just as I have listed the several payment methods that you can opt-in on Quadpay, there are still some other payment methods that you won’t want to try on Quadpay, because they aren’t accepted.

Therefore, I have made a curated list of the cards that aren’t supported by Quadpay, and here are the following:


  1. Prepaid Cards
  2. Cards that are reloaded, e.g NetSpend
  3. Capital One
  4. PayPal
  5. ACH Banks Transfer
  6. Money Order, Cash 


How Do You Get Approved for Quad Pay?


Before you can gain from these financial apps, that offer a kind of buy now, pay later services, you must have met certain requirements, these requirements are what will give you the chance to gain from them.


Quadpay also offers requirements that you just met:

  1. You must not less than 18 years old
  2. You must be a citizen of the US
  3. You must have a Valid and Verifiable mobile number
  4. You must be able to make purchases with your credit or debit card


What Is the Minimum Credit Score for Quadpay?


You might be wondering if Quadpay offers a credit check before you can get started, well the answer is No, by signing up with Quadpay, your credit scores won’t be affected.

You can even have many orders at once as long as you stay within your budget.

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Quadpay is one of those Buy Now, Pay Later, that allows users to make purchases for free at a moment, and get it paid at a specific time. 

Buy Now, Pay Later, no doubt, is considered a good option for people who wish to make purchases even when they don’t have the money at the moment.


Although, you might be wondering if Chime does offer any kind of money lending services, well the answer is Yes, Chime offers a Spot Me service, where users can be given an overdraft of up to $200.

But I don’t think that is what you are actually looking for.

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