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The rise of Venmo to become one of the best peer-to-peer money payment apps available has been described by many as surprising. The application has become one of the most secure and convenient ways of sending and receiving funds for free. 

With just a name or contact number, you can send and receive money on Venmo and once payment has been received, such payment cannot be removed unnoticed.  As Venmo continues to gain popularity, different ways to make free money on the app have started to show up. 

As a Venmo customer, you can win up to $750 in your Venmo account. If you’ve been wondering how true is this and how it is possible to make free money on Venmo, follow this article as we provide a guide on how to make free money on Venmo. 


Guide on How To Make Free Money On Venmo


Venmo Free Money Code


There are different ways to make free money on your Venmo account. To be eligible for the $750 free money on Venmo, there are some requirements which include. 


  • You must be staying in the United States 
  • You must possess a United States mobile phone that can send and receive an SMS. this number should not be linked to a different Venmo account
  • You must be up to 18 years old 
  • Your Venmo App must be the latest version


Method 1


Once all these requirements have been met, you can begin with the process of making your free $750 on your Venmo account.  To begin, you have to sign up for a Venmo account.  When signing up, you will be required to input some information such as your name. 


When the needed details have been provided, you will have to answer some survey questions. Answering these questions is part of the required task to earn your prize.

Once you’re done with the survey, you will have to move on to the next task which is to complete some deals on your Venmo account. These deals are easy and don’t require you to spend your money before completing them. 

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You have to meet the number of the required deals and this must be done within twenty-four hours after which you will be able to redeem your free money on Venmo.

Once your money has been redeemed, you will have to wait as it might take up to three weeks to process your money due to a large number of participants. You will receive your free money in your Venmo account once it gets processed.


Method 2


Another method of making free money on Venmo is by participating in surveys.  Numerous brands are in partnership with Venmo to carry out surveys and acquire some information. If you participate in such surveys, you will be receiving a reward in your Venmo account once the survey has been completed. 


To participate in this, scroll through the offered survey selection on your Venmo app and chose your prefeed survey. Click on this survey, provide the needed information and claim your reward once the survey has been completed.  It is important to take note that an estimated time is always available for surveys so you will have to wrap up the survey in time to claim your reward.


Method 3


You can also make free money on Venmo by playing games. to participate in games on Venmo, scroll through the available game offer and select the game you will like to play. Once you have selected a game, you will be required to download the game after which you can begin to play. Once you’ve played the game to the required level or time, you can then proceed to claim your reward. 


Method 4


Venmo also makes use of referrals just like most apps, through this you can make some money for yourself.  You will be eligible for $5 if your referral code was used by a friend. However, your referral code can only be used 10 times but it is still a very good way of making free money. 


Another way to earn free money on Venmo is through shopping. There are numerous deals and offers on Venmo that have been provided collaborating with different brands which allow you to receive cashback when you shop with these brands.  

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How Do I Get My $10 Free Venmo?


How Do I Get My $10 Free Venmo


There are different requirements to be met to qualify for the free $10 on Venmo. Only individuals who reside in one of the fifty states in the US or the District of Columbia are eligible for the reward. The participant is also required to be to eighteen years or older.


To qualify for the Venmo-free $10, you have to sign up for a valid Venmo account using the mobile app. You will also be required to fill in and verify your mobile number for your new account. During the signing-up process, you will also have to fill in and save your promo cold. 


Once you’ve successfully signed up and the account has been verified by Venmo, you will receive $10 in your Venmo valid account. It might take up to 10 days before the reward gets processed and shows up in your valid account. 


You can only receive this reward once with a valid account, and it is important to take note that all steps must be completed to claim a reward as Venmo can cancel, suspend, or modify the offer at any time.


Is Venmo Giveaway Real?

Venmo giveaway is real and legit, the pay with Venmo giveaway is sponsored by PayPal.

You did not have to make any purchases to boost your chances of winning and only residents of the United States and the District of Columbia are eligible to participate. You must also be to 18 years or older.

To receive this price, you will be required to have a fully verified Venmo account and will have to accept the terms and conditions attached to the give away which are subject to change. 


Is Venmo Winners’ Instagram Legit?


While this program is not associated with or endorsed by Instagram, it is real and sponsored by Venmo.  With the Venmo Instagram giveaway, two people and another individual tagged by the two winners will receive the prize of $500.

Four people and the individual that was tagged by each winner will also receive the sum of $250, while five people and the individual tagged by each winner will receive $100. 

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The received prize will be paid into the winner’s fully verified Venmo account.  The total amount to be won with the Venmno Instagram giveaway is $5,000 and the total number of winners will be 22. 


To participate, all you have to do is follow Venmo on Instagram and tag a friend in the comment section under the Venmo Instagram post that is promoting the giveaway. Once this is done you will have to wait and make sure you have your tagged friend’s correct Instagram handle. 


Video Guide






Apart from offering a convenient service that enables you to receive and snake payments with family and friends, Venmo also provides different ways through which their customers can make free money on the mobile app

By following this article, you will have a better knowledge of how you can make some extra cash from your Venmo app. 

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