Zelle Not Working With Chime (What To Do?)


Are you experiencing difficulty using Zelle on Chime? If Yes, then you are in the right article.

Before understanding how to fix the issue of  Zelle not working with Chime, it is important to understand the compatibility of Chime with Zelle. That’s, understanding If Chime is supported by Zelle or not.

Zelle and Chime are two financial technology apps that are creating the grounds for being popular. 


Both apps offer financial functions like sending and receiving money, but with a difference.

Though, people do term Chime to be a bank, which might be right to some extent, because it is partnered with other banks in the US, like The Bankcorp Bank or the Strides Bank.


Zelle Not Working With Chime


Making it looks more like providing banking functions, however, you won’t find Chime bank anywhere physical, it offers total Virtual banking functions.

Once you have the Chime Mobile Application, you are good to go.

On the other hand, Zelle is a Fintech application, that is available on a mobile platform, that allows its user to send money to other people.

Zelle offers a peer-to-peer money transfer, simplifying how money can be transacted to other people between two banks.


With Zelle, you can transfer up to $500 in a week, although Zelle isn’t a bank on its own, therefore, before you can begin using Zelle you must link a particular bank account or bank card to it.

Since Chime works like a bank, and you probably have a bank account with Chime, you might be wondering if you can add your Chime account or debit card to Zelle.

Well, this question has been a pondering question to most users, who have an account with both Chime and Zelle.

In answering why Zelle is not working on Chime, it is important to know if Zelle will work with Chime.

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If Zelle doesn’t support either the Chime Bank card or Bank account, then that could be the cause of Zelle not working.

So let’s dive into understanding the compatibility of Chime on Zelle.


Does Chime Work With Zelle?


Does Chime Work With Zelle


Chime doesn’t provide any official way to use Zelle. However, Chime is a Fintech app that provides basic banking functions, as well as provisions for Debit and Credit card services, which can be linked to other fintech applications.

However, even if your Chime account is not supported, within Zelle, you can opt-in using your debit card, that is if you have a Chime debit card.

If you are able to successfully link your Chime debit card to Zelle, then you can easily begin making transactions from your Chime account to Zelle.

However, this hasn’t always been the case, recently, most users’ Chime debit cards have been rejected by Zelle, because it was flagged as prepaid card, which is quite not accepted on Zelle.

Therefore, these are the major reasons why your Zelle is not working with chime, simply means, that Chime Is yet to be supported by Zelle, and with this, there is nothing you can do.


Fixing Zelle Not Working On Chime [2 Fixes]


Therefore, when trying to link your Chime debit card on Zelle, you get an error that your card was declined, and therefore, you should try a different card or contact Zelle customer support.

However, when this occurs, even if you contact Zelle customer support, you will receive a response that Chime is not supported on Zelle.

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So the question here is how can you fix the issue of Zelle not working with Chime?


  • Try Linking a Bank that Is Supported in Zelle on Chime

Yes, this is one of the tactics that you can use to link your Chime account on Zelle, this method is quite easy.

All it requires is a third-party bank that is supported by Zelle, and then Link this bank to your Chime account.

Whenever you want to transfer money, you can first transfer the money to the bank you have added on Chime.

Then from the bank, you can transfer the amount to Zelle.

Banks like Bank of Africa, and Capital One,  are supported by Zelle. Although, this kind of transaction might take up to 4 days before reaching its recipient.

And it will work just fine.


  • Use Chime “Pay Friends”

This method will also help you to make instant transfers for free, to other Chime Users as well as Non-Chime users.

The Chime Pay Friends feature is completely fast and free to use.

However, this method is not appropriate in some cases, if you are to receive money from someone using Zelle, it will almost be an impossible task.

Therefore, you can try either of the first methods, to link your Chime to Zelle.


How To Transfer Money To Chime?


If you want to transfer money from other banks to chime, all you have to do is to visit the bank website you want to transfer from.

Hover where you find Transfer Funds, and you will be requested to enter the bank account number, in this case, you will have to enter your Chime checking account number and bank routing number.


Does Zelle Charge A Fee?

Unlike other transfer systems, Zelle doesn’t offer any form of charging a fee, transferring money to another bank account doesn’t attract any fee payment.

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Therefore Zelle is completely free, and you can make transactions without the fear of being charged excessively. 

It Offers A No Fee Charge Rate.


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By now, you should know what to do, either by looking for another medium or using a bank account that is supported by Zelle.

Or using the Chime Pay Friends, the method you use will work quite well for the appropriate situation.

Also, it is important to note that, trying out adding your debit might be prone to rejection. Therefore, it’s a cause to search for other alternatives.

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