How Do I Get My Access Bank Token Code For Free


Maybe you are wondering How to Get My Access Bank Token Code For Free? This article is a guide that will help you get Access Bank Tokens, both soft and hard tokens.


Tokens are used to authorize bank transactions. Suppose you are a businessman that Carries out millions of transactions daily. Then it would help if you had tokens to help you make such huge transactions. Tokens are security measures to ensure that you are the one carrying out the transactions.

It can either be a hard or soft token. The soft token is generated using your phone, while a hard token is a device that generates the token codes.

You can generate a soft token using Bank ussd codes or the mobile banking app. Remember that tokens are like OTP in that you will only use them once.

Do you have your Access Bank Token code to help you secure your online transactions? 

Access Bank Token helps to ensure the security of your Access Bank while transacting online.


Access Bank Token Code


What is the Access bank token code?


This is the first question you will certainly want to know about!

Access Bank Token Code is a unique PIN that the Access Bank has issued To authenticate online transactions.

When sending money, buying airtime, or probably making electricity payments, you need a Bank Token that helps authenticate the transactions to show that this account belongs to you.

Without the Token, you cannot make any transactions with your Access Bank because you will be required to use this token before any transactions are made.

Access Bank Token comes in two types: Hard Token and Soft Token. 


How can I get my access token online?


While you can generate your Access Bank Token online, you also need to visit an Access Bank Branch.


If you are already an Access Bank customer, you can get your Soft or Hard Token via the Access Bank Internet Banking Page, and then you click on the Internet Banking to Get started.

Once this is done, you can go to any of the Access Bank branches closer to you and request the Customer care representative to get the access Bank Token.

It is very important to note that getting the Access Bank Token doesn’t come for free, either the Soft Token or the Hard Token.

To get the soft token costs N1 500 while the hard token costs N2, 700


How To Generate Access Bank Token With Phone


To get an Access Bank Soft Token, follow these steps:

  •  Open the App Store.
  • Hit the ‘Search’ Tab.
  • Type in ‘Entrust OTP
  • Download and install it on your phone.


To generate access Bank, hard or soft, visit the nearest access Bank branch and talk to the customer care representative. Request for the bank token. For you to get access to Bank hard token for 1,500

Please visit the nearest branch to enable us to assist you with a soft(N1500) or hard (N2700) token request.



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