Access Bank Transfer Code 2023 – USSD Code For Transactions


Access Bank Transfer Code 2023 to all banks. Access bank is not left out of the trend. Now as an Access bank customer you can enjoy Transfer Code, Mobile Banking And USSD Code For Transactions
you can transact from your comfort zone. In this article, I will show you how to use the Access bank ussd code to manage your account. Learn how to use Access bank code for easy transactions.


This is made possible with the phone number that u used during account registration. I will show you guide and steps to Access bank USSD code. This reduces the stress of going to a bank or ATM stand to send funds.


Features Of Access Bank Codes


  • how to transfer money from Access bank to Access bank and from Access bank to another bank.
  • How to Buy Airtime
  • How to account Check Balance
  • How to pay utility Bills
  • How to Pay Merchants
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Access Bank transfer code



They are requirement need and steps to follow before one can start using the Access bank USSD code for transactions.


Note: The phone number must be linked to an account.



How To Activate Access Bank USSD Banking


For you to activate access bank mobile banking, you need to have the following, Accounts must be owned by a sole signatory, have a BVN, must be naira denominated and no restriction must be on the account.


  • Now you can dial *901#, and enter your account details as required.
  • Make sure your ATM card is available when the code is dialed.
  • You will be asked to enter for last four digits and the last 6 digits of your ATM card.



Access Bank Transfer Code 2023


  • If you want to transfer money to other Access bank accounts. Dial *901*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#. The service attracts ₦20 charge
  • To transfer from Access bank to other banks aside from access bank: Dial *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#. The service attracts ₦50 + ₦2.50 (VAT) charges



What Are The Charges For Each Feature On This Platform?


Features Charges
Airtime for others Free
Account Opening Free
Data Purchase Free
Balance Enquiry Free
Fund Transfer to Access Bank Free
Fund Transfer to Other Banks N80+N4.00(VAT)
Merchant Payment Free
Bill Payment Free
OTP Generation Free




Access Bank USSD Code To Check Account Balance


Maybe you don’t know the exact amount in your account and you want to check how much is left. Or someone sent you money and you want to confirm if you have been credited.


You don’t need to stress your life out, by going to the bank or standing at an ATM clue. You can be comfortable checking your account balance from your home, workplace, or anywhere. This can be done with ease, and it is very fast. Remember that this service is not for free, your will be charged for it.

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To check your Access Bank balance, follow the steps below:


  • Dial *901*5# and follow the instructions below.
  • Next Insert the last four digits of your BVN.
  • Wait a few seconds as your bank account balance will be shown to you.



How To Buy Airtime From Your Access Bank Account


You can recharge your phone from your account. This helps to encourage a cashless policy. Don’t run out of airtime again, you can recharge now, and, it is easy and safe.


You can recharge your phone number and third-party phone number ( another phone number not used to open an access a bank account). This service is free, which implies that no charge is involved.


  • To buy airtime to a registered phone number with access bank ( phone number used to open an Access bank account) *901*amount#, example: *901*200#.
  • If you want to recharge an unregistered phone number ( phone number not used to open an Access bank account) with your registered phone number dial *901*amount*phone number# example: *901*200*08104128059#


This service is not restricted to a telecommunication network. It is available for Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile subscribers. Enjoy access to bank codes for mobile banking.



How To Use Access Bank USSD Code To Pay Bills


Do you know that you can pay utility bills directly from your Access bank account? Imagine paying for your Favorite Tv networks and services like DStv, Swift, Smile, and more. It saves you from a lot of stress and makes things easier for you.


To enjoy the service dial *901*3# and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.



Summary Of Access Bank USSD Code / Access Bank Transfer Codes 2023



Access Bank transfer code



Features Short Code
Airtime for self *901*Amount#
Airtime for others *901*Amount*Phone Number#
Account Opening *901*0#
Data Purchase *901*8#
Balance Enquiry *901*5#
Fund Transfer to Access Bank *901*1*Amount*Account Number#
Fund Transfer to Other Banks *901*2*Amount*Account Number#
Merchant Payment *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
Bill Payment *901*3#
OTP Generation *901*4*1#
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Frequently Asked Questions On Access Bank USSD Code, Mobile Banking


There are many questions people ask about Access Bank Transfer Code and Access bank mobile banking. I have mapped out some of the questions and below are comprehensive answers to them. Enjoy access to bank codes for mobile banking.


What kind of Accounts can use the *901# Service?

Answer: Accounts must be owned by a sole signatory, have a BVN, must be naira denominated and no restriction must be on the account.


Must I have Airtime on my Mobile Phone to use *901#?

Answer: Yes. Airtime is required to use *901#


Can *901# Banking work on a Tablet?

Answer: *901# can be used on any mobile device that is used to dial phone numbers.


Is *901# Available on all Networks?

Answer: MTN, GLO, 9mobile, and Airtel Mobile Subscribers can use this platform.


Do all Mobile Phones Support *901# Banking?

Answer: Yes. Both smart and feature phones can use *901#


Is *901# exclusive to Access Bank Account Holders?

Answer: Only customers with an Access Bank account can perform transactions using *901#. However, non-Access Bank account holders can open accounts via *901# to enjoy seamless transactions. Enjoy access to bank codes for mobile banking.


I have Multiple Access Bank accounts. How can I choose the Account I Prefer to Transact with on *901#?

Answer: One of your accounts is automatically set as your default account on *901#. However, you can change your default account by following the steps below
Dial *901# > 8. Next > 3. Select Default Account


If my Phone is Stolen, what am I expected to do?

Answer: Immediately report the incident to the Access Bank contact center to block your phone number from accessing the USSD service. Once, you have recovered your line, you can contact the contact center to activate your line on the USSD platform.


Can I use *901# USSD Banking outside Nigeria?

Answer: As long as you are roaming your mobile number, you can use the *901# platform.


What is the Limit for Airtime and Funds Transfer?

Answer: *901# daily limit is N20, 000





I believe you have learned how to use Access bank transfer code 2023, Access bank mobile banking, and Access bank USSD code. These codes make banking easy and safe. It encourages a cashless policy and helps you keep track of your account. Enjoy access to bank codes for mobile banking.


Do you have any questions? Feel free to tell us using the comment box below. Please don’t forget to share with friends.

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