Can I Deposit A Check Into My Chime Account?


You got a Check and you wanna deposit the amount stated on your Chime account.

Traditional banks offer people the ability to make Check deposits to their accounts. How about online Banking applications?

Can I send my Check to their work email? Or is there any way to send a check to Chime?  I will be answering the question clearly soon.


A check is written, dated, and signed a paper, directing the bank to pay a certain amount to the bearer of the check.

It involves three things, the person issuing the check, the Bank, and the person receiving the Check. Which are known as the Payer and the Payee.


Can I Deposit A Check Into My Chime Account


However, this process is quite understood with traditional or physical banks. Therefore, How can you make a check deposit on an online banking application like Chime.

Though Chime isn’t a standalone bank, it partners closely with other banks in the US.

Being the fact that it offers several banking functions, can one make a check deposit in their account?


You will discover everything by continual reading!


Can I Deposit A Check Into My Chime Account On Chime


Can I Deposit A Check Into My Chime Account On Chime?


Yes, with the Mobile Check Deposit feature you can deposit a check to your Chime account.

Before understanding how to deposit a check to your Chime account, it is important to know what the Mobile Check Deposit is on Chime.


What is Mobile Check Deposit in Chime?


Mobile Check Deposit is a medium that is used to deposit checks on a Chime, without going to the bank. 

Most Mobile Banking applications have the Mobile Check Deposit feature embedded in their application.

Even some physical banks offer the mobile check deposit feature for people, who are unable to reach out to the physical bank.

Mobile Check Deposit helps to save the time, and stress you will take to go to the physical bank, rather, just with your Mobile Phone with the appropriate app, you can make a  check deposit.

The most fascinating thing with Mobile Deposit Check is: that it can work basically everywhere, while at home, at work, or on the go.

You have no time window, mostly for banks that don’t open at night. 

The types of Checks you can deposit to your account using the Mobile Check Deposit are Personal checks, Business checks, Cashier, and Government checks.

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Now that you have understood how Mobile Checks deposit works and how it will save your time from going to the bank to make a check deposit to your account.

However, before understanding how you can make a mobile check deposit on Chime, it is important to know how Mobile Check Deposit works in a general fashion.


  • Step 1: Open your Mobile Banking App and log in using your login credentials.
  • Step 2: Look for the Mobile Check Deposit feature in the app, which can be found in the Menu of the Bank mobile banking app. Once you find it, Tap it
  • Step 3: Select the Account you want to Deposit (Either Savings or Checking Account)
  • Step 4: Enter the Check Amount (The amount you want to deposit)
  • Step 5: Allow your banking app to take a photo of the Check, in this step you must be careful, in terms of how the picture appears. Photos with poor exposure or some kind of blurry, are likely to be rejected. Also, ensure that you are going to take a photo of the front and back of the check.
  • Step 6: Crosscheck the Check Deposit details, by ensuring that you have entered the right amount as well as the right account to which the check will be deposited.


And that is all….

Now that you have seen how Mobile Check Deposit works in general practice, one thing you can discover is Taking your check Photo.

This is mostly done to ensure security and to make the bank aware that this process is authorized.

Depositing your check on Chime follows almost similar steps to the one I have stated above, with a slight few differences.

So, here is how you can deposit a check to your Chime account.


Step 1: Open the Chime App and log in

Yeah, Chime doesn’t work on another website, or platform, it works on a mobile-based environment, and therefore, before you can have Chime you need to download the app from an appropriate app store.

Once you have downloaded the app you can sign up and log in, that is, if you are a new user of Chime, however, if you are an existing user of Chime, by now you should have logged in to your Chime app. 


Step 2: Tap “Move Money”

The Move Money feature can be found on the Home Screen of Chime, and it is used to transfer money.

Once you tap the Move Money several others will be displayed.


Step 3: Select “Mobile Check Deposit”

The Mobile Check Deposit is what you should be looking for, either via Chime or other banking apps.

Therefore, once you have tapped the Move Money, then select Mobile Check Deposit


Step 4: Choose The Type Of Check

Yeah, there are different Checks available, therefore, choose the check type you want to deposit to your account. Either the US Treasury or whatever type it is.

Tap Get


Step 5: Allow Chime To Take A Photo Of The Check.

A chime will take a front and back Photo of the Check you want to deposit. 

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Therefore,  First, take the Front photo and tap Use Photo,

Then, take a shot of the back Photo of the check, and tap Use Photo.

You will be Prompted, to tap Yes


Step 6: Review Your Check Details

In terms of the amount you have entered as well as the account details you have entered and tap Got it


Understanding How Taking A Photo Works

If you don’t upload the right kind and desired Photo while making a check deposit you might get your uploaded Photo rejected.

Therefore, you must ensure you are following appropriate tips while taking a photo shot of your check. 


These are things you should note of:

  1. Ensure the paper isn’t squeezed or wrinkled, if so, you can smoothen the paper. This might prevent light exposure, and is likely to cause poor exposure.
  2. Ensure a Good lighting setup, it is preferable to use atmospheric lighting rather than artificial lighting.
  3. Place the  Check on a clean surface, probably on a table or something smooth and clean.


If you place the check-in in a place not smooth or clean, the other side of the check might cause some distortion.

  1. Do not place any items closer to the Check
  2. Use a good resolution camera, for better performance.


What Kind Of Check Isn’t Supported By Chime?

Yeah, not all Checks are supported by Chime, however, if you try uploading any of this kind of Check, it will get declined by Chime.


The following low is checking not supported by Chime

  • Savings bond
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Starter check or counter checks
  • Money orders
  • Non-negotiable instruments (i.e. promissory notes)

If you try uploading any of these checks mentioned above, your mobile check deposit on Chime will end unsuccessfully.


What Type/Kind Of Checks Are Accepted On Chime?

Now that you have understood some of the checks not supported by Chime, then let’s understand the Checks you can use on the Chime Mobile Check Deposit.


  1. Checks that don’t possess any form of fraud suspiciousness.
  2. Are payable only to you in US dollars. Checks that will require payment from the strange currency will be rejected.


Chime works only for the US, and doesn’t support any other country’s currency Checks.


  • Haven’t been Deposited at another Deposit.

Probably there could be an algorithm that will help Chime discover if the check has been deposited in another financial institution.

If found, your check will be rejected Right away.


  • Aren’t older than 6 months.

Once your check exceeds 6 months, from the day it was signed and dated, it won’t be supported by Chime.

So ensure that your checks are within the window of 6 months.


  • Aren’t a digital reproduction or copy

There are some machines that are capable of reproducing a Check, people can opt-in which means trying to deposit a check twice into an account.

Probably, Checks issued by government or profit organizations.

  • Weren’t created remotely.
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What If My Check Was Denied?

Uploading a Check on Chime isn’t a 100% guarantee, there are times when you get your check rejected for several reasons, probably uploading a check not clear enough or a check not supported.

Well, you can still resubmit the check again using the appropriate procedure and requirements.


How Long Should I Keep My Paper Check?

Even after uploading your check on Chime, it is advisable not to throw away the check, or dump it in a place that will place the check-in in bad condition.

This is because you might be required to provide certain information regarding the check.

Let’s say you made a Check Deposit, and after doing everything, you threw away the check while on your way going home. While at home you receive a request for some information from Chime that they need certain information from the check.

And you have just thrown away the check, well things might get more complicated.

Therefore it is advisable, to keep the check up to 10 -15 days.


Are Chime Mobile Checks Available Instantly?

Yes, unlike the traditional banks where you will have to wait for up to 3-5 days, before getting the money into your account.

However, Chime Mobile Checks Deposit doesn’t work that way, you get your check deposited into your account right away.

However, you might get your Check Deposit pending, if you have deposited your check right during their closing time, you just have to wait until the next business day.



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Depositing a check on Chime isn’t as difficult as you may think, once you are qualified, you are good to go.

Also ensure that you are using a good Phone camera to take a shot of the Photo, to avoid your Check being rejected.

If you have any issue, regarding Mobile Check Deposit on Chime, you can contact the Chime support center.

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