Can I Overdraft My Chime Credit Builder Card? [Complete Guide]


Alright, you want to know if you can overdraft on the Chime Credit Builder Card, right?

Let me provide a straightforward answer, No, you can’t overdraft on the Chime Credit Builder. If you want to know how you can overdraft on Chime, then you can keep up the reading speed.

Chime Credit Builder Card, works almost similar to a prepaid card, you spend as you have. 

Here is what I mean: you are not privileged to spend more than what you have in your account. 

But if you try that, your transaction will be gracefully declined by Chime.


Now, the Chime Credit Builder Card mostly helps in building your credit score and does not offer any form of extra credit to your existing credit limit.

The amount of money available on your credit builder card is what you can spend, and trying to exceed that limit will be nearly impossible.


Before you can qualify for the Chime Credit  Builder Card, you must have made a minimum of $200, it could be more, but should not be less.

The $200 available on Chime Credit Builder, will also reflect on your Available to spend, which shows the amount you can spend further. 


Can I Overdraft My Chime Credit Builder Card


As you spend, your credit limit keeps decreasing, just until you refill it by depositing fresh money to it, then it will regain its strength back.

Okay, let’s see how the credit builder card works, and why you can’t overdraft on the chime credit builder.


But don’t worry, there is always a remedy.


Let’s say you have a total of $700 (Quite a Huge Right)  on your Chime Credit Builder account,  according to Chime, the $700 in your credit-builder account is your credit limit, and you can’t spend or exceed that amount.

So, now with this $700 in your Chime Credit Builder Card, you did spending of $600, making $100 remaining.

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Automatically, your Available to Spend will also drop to $100, so let’s say on another day, you want to purchase something nice at the grocery store, which costs $160.


Well if you try paying with your Chime Credit Builder Card, you will end up getting your transaction declined, because the amount on your Available to Spend is lesser than the amount needed to purchase the grocery stuff you want to buy.

Unless you make a deposit of about $70 or more to your Chime Credit Builder Account before you can be liberated to purchase your wish.

Now the question that brought you to this page is, How Can You Overdraft On Chime?


Read on to discover…


Can I Overdraft On a Chime Credit Builder?


Can I Overdraft On a Chime Credit Builder?


Well, As I have stated earlier you cannot Overdraft your credit builder card because it wasn’t designed to overdraft, but Chime does provide the Spot Me feature that saves you when you run out of low cash.

Trust me, the Chime Spot me Is literally what you are looking for.

Spot me is an optional, no-fee service that lets members with an active debit card make certain transactions that overdraw your chime checking account.


If you truly want to overdraft, then you can consider the Chime Spot Me offer. One amazing feature of the Chime spot me is, that it’s a no-fee-based thing.

This means, you won’t pay a fee interest when you overdraft with chime spot me, you are only going to pay for the amount you have overdraft as a result of your spending.

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Does The Chime Credit Builder Card Have Spot Me?


No, if you are using the Chime builder card, you can’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of spot me.

The chime credit builder card is only available for building your credit score, and won’t be able to overdraft using spot me.

However, if you want to use spot me on the chime, you need to have the chime debit card, yes, spot me will only work with the chime debit card.


Therefore, while paying with your debit card, and you ran out of cash, you will be spotted by Chime, and on your next payment, the amount you have overdraft will be deducted from your account.


You can read more about how to spot my work in chime 


Can You Overspend On Chime Credit Builder?


No, you can’t overspend on the Chime Credit Builder, The amount available on your available to spend is your spending limit, and you won’t be able to exceed that limit.

The chime credit builder card, can’t be over-drafted, meaning you can’t overspend, but if you try overspending on the chime Credit Builder Card, you will get the transaction declined.

However, if you want to overspend on the chime, you can opt-in for the Chime Spot Me.


How Can I Withdraw From Atm With Insufficient Funds?

Yes, the chime spots me can work well while trying to make a withdrawal from the ATMs, but whenever any Deposit occurs on your account, the negative balance will all be settled.

Sometimes, fees might be applied, while trying to pay the negative amount.



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You can’t overdraft on the Chime credit builder card, nor can you spend higher than the amount available on your Available to Spend.

However, if you ever want to overdraft on Chime, then you can consider the Chime Spot Me feature. Or you can try out other apps available.

Therefore, being a user of Chime doesn’t qualify you for the Spot me offer, you must have made a minimum deposit of $200 and made a direct deposit within the last 34 days.

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