Can I Use Paypal At Gamestop? PAYMENT GUIDE


Modern-day payment technology is PayPal, though, we can be certain that there also exist other payment methods.

However, the main context of this article is Paypal.

Gamestop is a popular gaming shop, where you can make purchases for all latest and favorite games, which you might have known before.


But does Gamestop accept payment via PayPal? Simply put, can PayPal be used to make payments for your favorite game purchase at Gamestop? This has been a pending question for most users.

Therefore, in this article, I will be answering the question of the possibility of making payments using Paypal at Gamestop. 


Can I Use PayPal at Gamestop?


Yes, you can use your PayPal balance at Gamestop. This does not only scale through paying via its in-store, but it’s also amazing to know that, you can as well make payments for your game purchases using PayPal via the Gamestop website.


This is an incredible move, to allow customers to have total control over their choice of making payments while paying for the game(s) purchased.

Indeed, it tends to offer several categories of payment methods, which undoubtedly, have been considered to be extremely convenient, and security granted.


However, while considering paying with your PayPal balance, you need to be conscious of certain factors that might affect the payment process at Gamestop.

One of the factors is fee charges you are not excluded from paying additional fees, most especially while paying online. Certainly, not all GameStop locations can be said to take extra charges at checkout. 

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Therefore, if a particular Gamestop location takes extra charges, then, you may want to consider other Gamestop locations that offer either a less or no fee charge.

Another factor that you also need to take note of is the number of games you can purchase or the amount limit you can spend in a day using PayPal.


This is also another factor you certainly need to reconsider while paying using PayPal at Gamestop you may encounter several Gamestop locations, which kind of have limits on the amount of money that can be spent on game purchases. 


In that case, you may wish to pay using other acceptable payment options that are available at Gamestop. 

Once the following variables have been put into consideration by you, then, you can consider having a nice shopping experience at Gamestop, and probably, using your PayPal balance to make payment.


How Do I Make Use Of Paypal As A Payment Method For GameStop?


How Do I Make Use Of Paypal As A Payment Method For GameStop?


It is not a difficult process to make a payment at Gamestore using PayPal, it follows a similar process to making a payment with your credit or debit card.

PayPal does have a card, which is tied to your PayPal account, and therefore, can be used just the way you make use of your credit or debit card in paying in-store.


The process taken to make payment using PayPal at GameStop can be done through the following steps:


  • Get the PayPal Card

If you are yet to get the PayPal card at the moment, then you need to consider ordering one, because that is the only means you will be able to make payment for your purchases using PayPal at any Gamestop location.

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The PayPal card can be ordered from the PayPal website directly, just log in to your PayPal account, and make a card request.


  • Set Card Pin

Before the card can be used, you need to consider setting up the Pin, this can be done directly from your PayPal account, once you are done setting up the card pin, then you are good to go in making payment using PayPal at GameStop.


  • Pay Using PayPal at GameStop

Once you can successfully get the PayPal card and have set up a PIN for your card, then, you can consider paying with the card at GameStop in-store.

At the point of checkout, you can present your PayPal card to the cashier, who will then insert it into the payment terminal, however, you will be asked to insert your Card Pin, you can do so by pressing the number button.


What Payment Method Does Gamestop Accept?


At Gamestop, there are several payment methods that you may want to consider as a means of making payment for your game purchases. 

However, while choosing a particular payment method, you should also take in the metrics of extra fees as charges.


Therefore, the following payment methods are available at Gamestop:

Major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debits and American Express, Cash, and other Digital wallets. We also accept GameStop / GameStop Gift Cards and Edge cards with a scratch-off PIN. 




Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods available, which can be used as a means of making payments for your in-store and online purchases.

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Luckily, Gamestop accepts all forms of making payments using PayPal, therefore, if you have a PayPal account with funds in it, then, you can feel free to use it as a payment option, while making your game purchases at Gamestop.

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