Can Paypal Payments Be Reversed?


PayPal has become one of the most trusted payment platforms, that offers quite robust, secured and thus, creating a space for reliability for its users.

Currently, PayPal has more than 320 million users, as well as more than 20 million active users, which is quite huge and shows its relevancy and trust.

Businesses make use of PayPal as a method of payment, therefore, whenever you want to make a payment online, you’ll certainly find yourself paying through PayPal.

Aside from making payments for business purposes, you can also send and receive money to and from your friends by putting the recipient’s email address.

However, sometimes you might make a payment which you later want to reverse, probably, for some reason, and you are wondering how possible it could be to cancel a payment.


Therefore, in this article, I will be explaining how you can easily cancel a payment on Paypal.


Can Paypal Payments Be Reversed?


Are you wondering if you can Cancel a PayPal payment or rather reverse a payment that has been made?

Well, the answer is, that not all payments can be reversed or Canceled, while, some payments could be reversed.

Payments that haven’t been claimed by the recipient can easily be reversed, while payments that have been claimed by the recipient can’t be reversed, the only option available is to apply for a chargeback or payment dispute, to get a refund, although this may take longer time than expected.

Assuming you have made a payment, and later on, you discover you have sent an amount exceeding the actual amount you are supposed to send to the person, as long as the person is yet to receive the payment, you can cancel it.

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Therefore, if payment hasn’t been claimed yet, you can cancel it, by following the steps below:


  • Step 1: Log in to your PayPal Account, and click on Activity at the top nav of the screen.
  • Step 2: Scroll Down till you find the payment which you intend to Cancel.
  • Step 3: Tap in Cancel
  • Step 4: If the payment Status is still showing unclaimed, then you can simply cancel the payment by tapping on the Cancel Payment, at the bottom.
  • Cancelled Payments will not reflect in your account immediately, but are likely to take some time further before your account will be credited.


If the payment has been claimed by the recipient, you won’t be able to Cancel the payment any longer, because the payment has been received, and therefore, the only option available is to apply for a bank reversal or make a payment dispute.

Although, using this method may take a longer time before the money is refunded back to your account.

Disputing a payment simply requires contacting PayPal in requesting a refund of money, 

Whenever you make a payment dispute on PayPal the following actions will be taken:


  1. PayPal notifies the merchant or seller, the person offering the service or selling a product, that a customer has requested a chargeback.
  2. The merchant, therefore, will provide evidential information, regarding the communication that happened between the merchant and the customer.


The documents that will be provided by the merchant must be accurate information, the documents vary, based on the kind of business transaction that happened between the merchant and the customer.


  1. The document(s) are sent to the card issuer, for further review and processes, decisions will be taken by the cardholder.


Once Someone Pays You on Pay Pal Can They Take the Money Back


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Not in all cases, you will be able to take the money back, if you had sent money to a friend, or colleague, and after some time, you thought of retrieving the Money back.

This intention can be possible on the condition that the payment status is still unclaimed, then you can simply tap on the Cancel Payment button, to cancel the payment, which can take up to 30 days, before the money is finally refunded back to you.

In cases, where the payment status is showing claimed, then you can’t directly reverse the payment, you have the option to either Contact the person to who you had sent the money or apply for a reversal of payment from your bank.


How Long Does Pay Pal Reversal Take?


Unlike, applying for a PayPal chargeback, which can take as long as 180 days, if you are to reverse payment on Paypal, that doesn’t take more than 30 days.

While if you are to apply for a chargeback to get a refund of money, it could take a longer time than that.


Reverse Pay Pal Payment to A Friend


If the Money has been successfully sent to a friend, and the payment status is showing claimed, then you have no way to Cancel the payment, the only option available is to contact the friend and request him or her to send back your money.

However, if the payment is yet to be claimed by your friend, then you can simply cancel it.


Pay Pal Case Closed but No Refund


A PayPal case involves two parties, the customer and the merchant, if as a customer you weren’t able to get a refund of money, then you have lost the case.

Probably, if the documents provided by the merchant are compelling, and therefore, had led him to win the case.



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Payments in PayPal are fast, easy and secure, only with the recipient’s email address, you can send thousands of money.

However, sometimes you might want to reverse a particular payment that has been made. You can do that, but not in all cases.

If the payment is yet to be claimed by the recipient, then you can easily cancel the payment, and it will be sent back to your account in not more than 30 days.


While, if the payment has been claimed by the recipient, you can simply ask the person to send back your money, apply for a chargeback, or file a payment dispute.

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