Can You Decline A Venmo Payment?


Venmo is one of the most popular mobile payments apps and it also has a social media interface. The app allows you to request money from friends and families. You can also request payment from a client that your rendered service.

However, most users are not sure if it is possible to decline a payment once a user sends it.


Can You Decline A Venmo Payment?


Sadly, Venmo doesn’t provide a method for declining payments, so you cannot reject a payment that has been sent to you through the app. No choice exists for the recipient of the payment to reject the one you sent them. Transfers between Venmo users are instant and irreversible. You can only get the money sent by contacting the recipient of the account you sent it to.


However, there are other alternatives you can use to decline a Venmo payment. Mind you, these methods are done manually, and sometimes, it is not guaranteed to work.


Should you find yourself in a situation whereby you see a transaction that you know wasn’t meant for you, follow these steps below to send back the money.


Locate the person: You need the person’s login, contact info, or email to reimburse the money. Since you can view all of your transactions from the transactions page of the app, it should be simple to identify the username of the individual who sent you money inadvertently. The transaction will be displayed together with the user name of the sender.

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Pay or request: Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is select the “Pay or Request” option on the app, where you may enter the person’s username, phone number, or email. You’ll see a box where you may write something to that effect after typing in the person’s username. Additionally, you can just use an emoji in your message. It will then bring the options:


  • You’re requesting that they pay that sum of money when you click “request.”
  • Pay” implies that you are handing them that sum, which is what you’re attempting to do.


Adjusting your privacy settings: You might want to change your privacy settings first, though, before clicking the “Pay” option. Because Venmo functions similarly to social media, you may decide whether or not the general public and your friends can view all of your transactions by adjusting the settings. You’ll locate the smaller “private” button, which offers three options, underneath the “Request” and “Payment” buttons.


  • Private’ You and the recipient will be the only ones to see the transaction because it is private.
  • Friends, as in only your Venmo friends will be able to witness the transaction.
  • Public, a setting that will display the transaction in the app’s social feed.


What Happens If I Don’t Accept a Venmo Payment?


What Happens If I Don't Accept a Venmo Payment


Nothing will happen if you don’t accept a Venmo payment as the app doesn’t have an option to decline payment. Once a user sends money, Venmo deducts it from their account and adds it to the recipient’s account. 

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The only thing that can be done if you discover that the payment wasn’t meant for you is to contact the user that sent it and refund the money.


Can You See If Someone Denies Your Venmo Request?


Yes, the user that requests money from you will be notified if you decline their request.  While most individuals will not be notified via Venmo that you declined their payment request, they will receive an email informing them of the situation.


They’ll soon learn that you declined to pay them, at which point they’ll ask you why. By the way, they can tell you didn’t pay them without even reading the email. They’ll be able to determine it if they carefully examine your profile.


Additionally, some users choose to personalize their Venmo account notifications such that they receive a notification each time a payment request is rejected. They won’t miss the email notification because it cannot be turned off, but they won’t have to wait for it to arrive that way.


How Long Do Requests Last On Venmo?


Ideally, there is no way to know how long requests last on Venmo. Most people feel it is reasonable to respond to a payment request within 48 hours. And if in any case, you cannot respond to it within 48  hours, you should deny it or try and contact the user on why you cannot make the payment.


How To Cancel a Venmo Payment


It is not possible to cancel a payment once the send button has been clicked. Once you click send, Venmo immediately deducts the fund from your account and sends it to the recipient’s account.

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However, you can contact Venmo’s support team immediately if you send a payment to the wrong user or if you know the person to whom you send the payment, you can contact him or her and ask for a refund.



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Following the instructions outlined in this guide, you should be able to know the ins and outs of declining a payment request on Venmo.

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