Cash App Asking for SSN? What To Do


I am guessing that you must have tried making transfers through your Cash App account and you are surprised at Cash App asking for SSN and probably other basic personal information’s, which you must be wondering what an SSN( Social Security Number) is and what relevance is it as concerns the transaction you want to make.

Not to worry, we have all the information and clarifications you are looking for, which will save you the unnecessary stress and cost of having to call a customer care, or going from place to place looking for someone to probably explain SSN for you or generate one for you.

Kindly take the time to read this article carefully because in this article you will get to know Why Cash APP is asking for your SSN, the need to verify your cash app account and you will also be able to verify your Cash App account which enables you to make more transfer without much ado.


Why CashApp Ask for SSN?


Cash App as we know it to be a peer-to-peer payment and transfer service mobile app that allows you to send and receive funds directly and quickly. It is very useful banking system that facilitates online transactions, money exchange, and online trading too. That is to say that Cash App is a reliable payment App for sending and receiving money without any form of hesitation or unnecessary delay.

According to the USA Patriot Act, the payment processor Cash App must collect information of its users to verify their identity. Notwithstanding that Cash App is not government property but it is still under the federal patriot act to ensure it has the personal information of its users to avoid fraudulent practices. So information’s like your SSN, ID number, personal details (e.g. name, email, phone number) are required from you to ensure you are legit and not a fraud.

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So if asking why the cash App is asking for SSN, here are some listed reasons why;

  • Cash App is bound to request for your SSN as part of requirements in the USA Patriot Act provisions.
  • Cash App asks for your SSN in order to verify your identity as a user.
  • Cash App asks for SSN to ensure that a user is 18yrs and above. You must be 18yrs to apply for a Cash Card.

Due to the many reports of misuse of personal information and data related to account holders, people are not so keen to share the social security numbers and trust you are not the only one so reluctant to share your SSN. But trust me, cash App asking for SSN is not out of the way, because virtually all payment legit Apps require SSN for verification and security.


Need to Verify Your Cash App Account


If you are new to the cash app, you will observe that basically you cannot send more than $250 within 7 days and you cannot also receive more than $1000 in 30 days. These are measures are put in place in place by cash to control the transactions going on and to secure the platform from fraud and theft.

So if you are a user of cashapp and you wish to send more money and receive more money, more so you want to enjoy other interesting features of cash App it is important you verify your account so that once you are verified, a state-issued form of identification along with others packages will be given to you which enable you to send up to $7500 per week and receive an unlimited amount.

You will also need to verify your account in order to apply for a Cash Card.


How to Verify Your Identity in Cash App


The process of verifying your identity in the cash app is quite simple and straightforward. It will involve you imputing some of your personal information and your SSN.

Here are a few steps to follow

  • Login to your CashApp account.
  • Tap the profile tab available on the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to find and select the “personal” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • A screen will pop that will require you to enter your details(such as D.O.B, billing address, SSN).
  • Make sure to save the changes you made and then proceed.
  • Lastly, you wait for 24hours to get a confirmation approval.
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Now you might want know;


How To Verify Your Cash App Without SSN


You probably may have not gotten a social security number and you are trying to verify your cash app account but can’t do so because the cashapp is requesting your social security number before the verification process can be completed.

Here is what you should know, there is no way you can verify your cash app account without your social security number. It is very important you provide it because you cannot bypass that requirement. So if you must verify your account and enjoy more features in the cash app you must provide your SSN.

If you do not have a Social security number and you do not how to get one, I encourage you to read further to see how to get an SSN very easy and with no stress


How to Transfer Money From Cash App Without SSN


Can you use cashApp or transfer money in the cashapp without SSN? Capital YES you can. You mustn’t provide your SSN to use your cash app. The only drawback there is that you be limited to very few features of cashapp like low sending and receiving limit. You won’t be able to apply for cashapp card and other investing features.


cash app asking for ssn

Cash app without SSN will make you an unverified cash app user and being so for long means that you cannot get the complete advantages of cashApp. So it is advisable to provide your SSN and verify your cash app account.

However if you do not have an SSN or you wish not to share your SSN, here are some steps to follow in order to transfer money from your account without Cash App asking for your SSN;

  1. Login to your Cash app.
  2. Click on the $(dollar) icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type in the amount you want to send.
  4. Enter the email, phone number, or $cash tag of the receiver.
  5. Provide a brief description of the transaction.
  6. Click on the pay button, and authenticate the payment with your pin or fingerprint.
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With all the information we have provided in this article you should have no more questions or wondering why Cashapp is asking for SSN because you have seen the reasons and importance of your SSN to cashapp and you too. Thank you for taking the time to go through our guide.

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