Does Cube Crack Really Payout? Is Cube Crack Legit Or Scam


The main goal for anyone looking at money-making games is to make an extra income. It’s what most of the games being published offer. While some say you can make hundreds of dollars, some say you can make thousands.

However, not every game that claims they play their users does so, 


Cube crack is one of those games that claims to pay you if you play the game. But do they pay their user as they claim?

Let’s find out.


What is Cube Crack


Developers westlangsn created the cube elimination game known as “cube crack,” and they assert that it is profitable to play. It appears that you can win fantastic incentives like PayPal money and Amazon gift cards by performing the straightforward action of removing two or more blocks from the grid.


With the hope of winning £400 and several prizes, more than 50,000 users have downloaded Cube Crack. Although the game has a significant player base, it is still in development and does not permit reviews to be posted on the Play Store.

This is unfair because the majority of users want to read other people’s opinions and find out whether the developer pays or not.


How To Play Cube Crack


It’s quite simple to play! To crush them, simply tap on groups of at least two identical-colored cubes. Your score increases as you remove more bricks.

Only if you reach the target after removing every block from the screen will the level be considered complete.

Once the cubes are gone, you can access virtual money in the form of either green banknotes or Amazon gift cards. If completing the level or after the circular progress bar has been filled, you will earn extra pounds.

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After that, a brief clip is always shown before Cube Crack credits the funds to your virtual balance.


  • Collecting puzzle pieces

You can also gather puzzle pieces that are supposed to enable you to exchange them for wonderful presents like cellphones, computers, video games, and more!

There are other ways to get puzzle pieces, like pressing the bubble or using the Lucky Spin. The method of puzzle acquisition, the number of puzzles acquired, and the prizes are all subject to random variation.


  • Bonuses-referral program

Candy Crack has given you £216, as you can see if you tap the gift icon on the left. You must agree that’s crazy.

The catch is that each person you invite will reward you with £9.60, so you have to collect £240 to cash out.


How Does Cube Crack Work?


This Cube Crack app game operates uniquely. Allow me to precisely describe how you play it and what you can win.

You are initially presented with a 6×6 grid of colored blocks. At least two of one color blocks must be combined for them to be eliminated and replaced with money, coins, or Amazon gift cards.


Just like you can see in the image below:

The round fill counter that you can see in the top right corner is now another factor in determining how much you make.

This counter will turn as you pop blocks, and once it is fully filled, you will receive the currency indicated by the award. You would therefore receive some of them once it displayed an Amazon card, and the sum would be added to your balance.

The score is the final point to make regarding the game itself. You have to score the amount that is displayed just above that grid for each stage.


How To Make Money With Cube Crack


With Cube Crack, you can get a lot of money combined with all the other currencies in just a few minutes of gameplay.

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You will receive £192 ($264) after one minute of gaming.


You won’t even reach level three after a few more minutes of gameplay, but you’ll be on £331 ($455).

The money is therefore visible within the game, but sadly, the drawback is that it always remains within the game. Because the sums are too large to really pay the users,

If you continue playing the game at the current rate, you will have racked up thousands. 

The red flags are there, though, because no game could earn you the vast sums of money that this developer appears to be handing out. With games like this, it is almost always a case of if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.


How Does Cube Crack Pay?


Despite explaining why it would be impossible to cash out, let’s move on. Like other games, Cube Crack offers some tempting payouts.

You can redeem through 12 different channels with a minimum barrier of £400 (or most likely $400 if you live in the US). When you achieve 1000 on Amazon, though, you can withdraw.

Since it will take hours to earn that money in real life, most users will find this intriguing. However, in the game, it will take you a little while.

The fact that there are no assurances that you will receive anything you redeem naturally presents a concern, regardless of the payout method or amount you pick.


Does Cube Crack Really Payout?


Cube Crack does not pay, sadly! They claim that you must wait for your turn, but this is merely another justification for not demanding money while you continue to play and view more ads.

Unbelievably, it takes less than two minutes of playtime for you to reach £400! But here’s a reason you shouldn’t rejoice:

It states that you must reach level 30 in order to approve the order after you choose your payment option and verify your credentials. The time limit is seven days!

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Even those that fulfil this condition will encounter difficulties. This time, Cube Cracks finally thinks that you joined thousands of other gamers in a line and should wait your turn.



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Video Section





Spending your time playing a game that won’t help you earn real money is a waste of time.

You are just being given virtual cash notes by Cube Crack in order to entice players to watch hundreds of movies.

There isn’t a game that, under certain circumstances, pays out hundreds of dollars. Otherwise, everyone would stay home and play video games while automatically becoming rich. Just seems too good to be true.

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