Is Smart Dollars A Scam? Smart Dollars Full Review


One of the most popular ways of making money online is by partaking in surveys.  Millions of individuals around the globe take part in completing surveys for various companies and in return, they are paid a few dollars to compensate for the time and effort they’ve invested. 

Smart dollars club has made an outrageous claim to be the best online prize reward platform and is offering to pay $300 a day for individuals who are interested in completing quick and easy online surveys. 


What Is The Smart Dollars Club?


Smart dollars club is a new website that has gained popularity recently. The website has not been around for a long time yet claims to be the top online prize reward platform.  The website is designed to look perfectly like a free-to-join survey site where you can sign up to partake in surveys and get paid. 


The website also claims that you will be able to earn up to $100 when you partake in a survey on its website. They also stated that you can earn up to $300 on the website before the day runs out. 

These outrageous claims are why people have been rushing to sign up for the platform but I would advise you not to do the same as there is no survey to complete on the Smart dollars club website, and there is no money to earn as well. 


By providing your email and signing up on the Smart dollars club website, you’re putting your computer at the risk of getting infected by malware, your email will be full of spam messages, while the anonymous owner of the Smart dollars club gets richer. 


How Does Smart Dollars Club Works?


Unlike the regular survey sites which make sure they provide in-depth information about how their platforms work, all effort of the Smart dollars club is channeled at getting your emails by making outrageous claims. 

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It turns out the Smart dollar platform is not an actual survey site and they will not directly provide you with surveys, or payment. What they do is search for offers on other websites and spam you with these offers.


The website promises to pay you at least $300 on your first day of partaking in surveys which is absurd com[pared to actual survey sites where you can only earn a few dollars after completing your survey tasks.  They also make promises of providing you with a $100 survey when you sign up on the platform which turns out to be false. 


When you click on the provided survey link on the Smart Dollar website, you will be redirected to another site where it is visibly stated that you will not be paid $300 for participating in surveys while the $100 reward will only be available to less than one percent of applicants. 


What Happens When I Sign Up On Smart Dollars Club Website?


It is not advisable to sign up on the Smart dollars website, but if you proceed to sign up, you will be provided with a form on the website where you will be instructed to input your email address and you will be promised that you can earn up to $300 in just a day. 

Once you submit your email, you will receive a mail requesting you to confirm your email which will allow you to partake in your first survey and earn your $100. But you will not have any survey to fill out, you will be redirected to different sites instead and nothing will change no matter how many times you try. 

There is no survey to complete on the Smart dollars club and there is no $100, all you will see are links that will redirect you to different other sites requesting you to sign up while the Smart dollars owner receives a commission. 


What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Smart Dollars Club?


There are little or no benefits to signing up on the Smart dollars club website. While the site looks attractive and the rewards look interesting, the site will not offer you what it claims to do and will only redirect you to other sites. 

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Joining The Smart Dollars Club?


For a website that offers nothing, there are numerous reasons why you should not consider signing up on the Smart dollars club website. Some of the disadvantages include. 


  •  Outrageous Claims

The website claims that you will be able to earn at least $300 on your first day of signing up and taking part in surveys. They also promise to give you a $100 cash reward when you instantly partake in a survey after signing up. 

After many reviews and evaluations, both claims turn out to be untrue as there’s no survey to carry out in the first place which results in no payment as well. 


  • Lots Of Promotional Links

Another issue with the website is the difficulty to navigate through it.  No matter how much you try and take part in surveys, you will automatically be redirected to other promotional links belonging to betting companies and other organizations. 

This setup indicates that the owner of the Smart dollars club is only interested in making money for itself rather than providing surveys for individuals which the website claims to do. 


  • The Risk Of Malware

According to claims from the victim of Smart dollars club, numerous unusual things happen when you click on any links sent to your email by Smart dollars. Some claims they have error messages displaying on their device screen when they click on the link, while some claim they were redirected to their Paypal or Google account after clicking on the link. 


While this cannot be confirmed, there is no reason to expose yourself to such risk since the website is not performing its primary functions anyways. 


Is Smart Dollars A Scam?


The smart dollar is not a scam since you will not be losing any money to the website. Signing up on the website is free and no payment will be requested from you on the website. However, there is also nothing to write home about the website as it doesn’t do any of what it claims to do. 

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There is also no proof that any individual has partaken in a survey on the website, while we also can’t find any payment proof to back up their claim. Everything about the pla6tform has been overhyped and less has been given apart from spammy messages that will be sent to your email. 



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While the majority of survey platforms offer from $1 to $5 when a survey has been completed, the claim by Smart dollars club to be paying $100 for a survey is too good to be true and it turns out to be untrue. 


The website will not provide you with any guidelines or information, and all you will be left with are promotional links and numerous advertisements. We will advise you not to sign up on the Smart Dollar website as you will receive none of what was promised while your time will be entirely wasted.

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