Does Empower Work With Chime? Yes, See How


When listing out the top cash advance Apps available, you will certainly find the Empower cash advance app among the list.

This is a result of the amazing offers it has for its users.

With Empower you can get a cash advance of up to $250 directly deposited into your account.

One amazing thing with Empower is, that it is No Interest, No Credit Check, and No fee payment. Meaning you can get a cash advance of up to $250 Without paying any form of interest rate.


Does Empower Work With Chime


However, on the other hand, Chime is a financial institution that works closely with a Bank, offering several banking functions, such as issuing credit cards as well as debit cards.

With Chime, you can build your credit score, by using the Chime credit builder card.

Undoubtedly, Chime has recently gained prominent popularity in today’s world, drawing a large number of users to its services.


However, you might be wondering if Empower can support Chime bank. Therefore, in this article, I will give you a detailed answer to the question if Empower Can be supported by Chime or not.


Does Empower works With Chime[2022]


If you want to figure out if Empower does work with chime, then you can keep reading.

Yes, empower works With Chime, you can get a cash advance of up to $250. However, each transaction you make comes with a no-interest fee, but rather you have to pay a monthly subscription of $8.

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Empower also comes with a no-check requirement, same-day delivery to an Empower checking account.

Once you are a user of Empower you can get a cash advance for as low as $25, and as high as $250.


However, before you can get qualified for Empower on Chime, you must have passed certain requirements, which I will elaborate on below:

Before you can start getting cash advancements in Empower, you must have met the eligibility.

The criteria are as follows:

  1. Your Bank account must have been opened for about 2 months.
  2. You must have made an average of two transactions per day.
  3. More than three Deposits must have been done from the same employer.
  4. Your monthly take-home income must not be less than $1,000


Once you are able to meet the requirements stated by Empower, then you can be able to get a cash advance. 


How Much Does It Cost For Cash Advance on Empower?


How Much Does It Cost For Cash Advance on Empower?


Empower costs nothing, no credit check, no interest rate, and so on. Even if you are given a cash advance up to $200 – 250, you will get no interest per transaction.

However, by using Empower, you will have to pay a small fee of $8 per month.


Does Earnin Work with Chime 2022?

Currently, Earnin Doesn’t Support Chime. the Answer to This Question Is Both Yes and No, Yes in The Sense that Some Users Can Also Make Use of The Chime on Earnin, While Most Users Are Not Supported, Therefore, It Is Necessary to Ensure that Your Chime Account Is Supported by Earning.

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Can I Get a Cash Advance with Chime?


Spot me is an optional, no-fee service that lets members with an active debit card make certain transactions that overdraw their Chime checking account.

Spot me is available for every user who has activated their Chime debit card and has made a minimum deposit of $200. 


Here is how to spot me works:

Let’s say you made a purchase of $100 and you have only $85 in your checking account, since over drafting is allowed on Chime, instead of Chime adding their own interest to the remaining $15 dollars that was added, you will be charged the $15 only, without any other charges. 

The next time money is deposited into your account the $15 will be taken, as payment $15.



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Being an Empower user, you can link your Chime bank account to Empower. Empower, is regarded as one of the most considered options for people who are looking for a reliable cash advance app.

In this tutorial, I have provided you with a detailed explanation of the question of Empower works with Chime.

A direct answer to the question is Yes.

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