Varo Mobile Check Deposit – How To Deposit Check On Varo


Have you ever made your daily transactions with an online bank before? Well, you might not.

Probably, you are only used to traditional banks like Woodforest and the likes, but did you know that you can do basically 70% of what you can do on a traditional bank on an online bank?


In playing the role of an online bank, the best suggestion one would ever suggest is the Varo bank. Trust me, you haven’t seen a more profitable bank like Varo before. It offers all of its services completely free of charge. 

Varo offers plenty of capabilities for its users that are enough to convince you of its usefulness.


Varo, therefore, offers two types of accounts, when you create an account with the Varo Mobile app, by default such an account is known as your Varo checking account.

With your Varo Checking Account, you are void of any monthly charges that might occur, as a cause for maintenance. As I stated earlier, everything you do on Varo is free of charge.


Varo Mobile Check Deposit


The Varo online bank also offers a savings account, which you can apply for once you have your Varo checking account. The Varo Saving account does not require any minimum deposit amount before you can get started.

Just like the traditional bank, where one of its functions is to make a Check Deposit into your account, and if you remembered, I have earlier mentioned that Varo works just like any of these physical banks you see on the streets of the US.


Now you might want to ask, Can I deposit a check on Varo?


You will find out by reading the article….


Varo Mobile Check Deposit – How To Deposit On Varo


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With your Varo app, yes you can make check deposits easy and fast.

Mobile check deposit is a means to deposit a check Via Varo, without having the need to go to the bank. You might be wondering if you can truly deposit a check Via Varo.


Here is how you can deposit a Check on Varo

Before thinking of making a mobile check deposit on Varo, you must ensure that you have met the criteria to make a check deposit on Varo.

If you are sure that you have met the criteria to make a Check Deposit on Varo, then you can follow the steps below:


Step 1:  Endorse the Check.

You have to add some extra information at the back of the check, such as your signature, etc.

It comes with a three-blank line space, where you can write the required information. 

The first line requires your Signature

The second line requires you to write For Mobile Deposit

The third Line requires you to write Varo Bank Only.

Ensure all these are written in ink, and not in pencil.


Step 2: Open the Varo Bank

Hover to the following section of the Varo bank app, Move Money > Mobile Deposit > Deposit a Check.


Step 3: Take a shot of the check

You are required to take a shot of the check, both the front and back, to ensure that the photos taken aren’t blurry or noisy, else, it might get rejected.


Step 4: Review Information

When you are done, ensure that the information you have entered is correct, and tap the Submit Check Button.


Step 5: Check Review

You will immediately get an email message, with the subject “We Got Your Mobile Deposit“. At this stage, your check deposit is under review by the Varo team. Once the review is over and your check has been approved.

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You will get another message, disclosing the schedule of when your deposit will be available.

You must ensure that the check is kept for about 60 days, this was stated by the Varo Bank Account Agreement.


Step 6: Check Deposit Status

To keep track of your check deposit, you have to continuously check the deposit status. This can be done by navigating to the Check History on the Varo App.

Move Money > Mobile Check Deposit > Check History.

Then tap on the deposit which you want to check its status.


What Types of Checks Can I Deposit?


Not all types of Checks are acceptable by Varo, you can only Deposit Checks from any US Bank and written in US dollars, it can be business or personal or even government-issued checks.


The following are checks acceptable by Varo:

  1. Personal and Business Checks
  2. State and local Government checks
  3. Certified checks
  4. U.S. Treasury checks
  5. Federal Reserve Banks’ Checks
  6. Federal Home Loan Bank Checks
  7. Treasury’s /Cashier’s checks
  8. US postal service money order.


Checks Not Accepted By Varo – How I Fixed Mine


Checks Not Accepted By Varo


While some checks are quite Acceptable by Varo, there are also some checks which are not accepted by Varo, mostly checks that are suspicious of some level of fraud activities or have been altered.


The following are checks that cannot be deposited on Varo: 

  1. Altered checks 
  2. Checks that seem to be fraudulent, contain fraudulent information.
  3. Checks issues from other financial institutions, outside the shores of the US.
  4. Credit Checks or Convenience checks
  5. Traveler’s checks are not accepted by Varo
  6. Non-negotiable instruments, like promissory notes or related.
  7. Checks that aren’t paid in US dollars are also not accepted by Varo.
  8. Checks that are more than six months, starting from the date it was dated.
  9. Non-Government checks are payable to you.
  10. Checks that were created remotely
  11. Starter checks or counter Checks, ie. Checks from the teller windows.
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Are There Limits for Mobile Check Deposit


Making mobile deposits on Varo does have a limit, the limit implies the level of amount of money you can deposit. The limit of the deposit depends largely on how old your Varo account is.


Check your deposit limit on Varo can be done as follows:

Move Money > Mobile Check Deposit > Deposit a Check, then select the Deposit Account. Your deposit limit will be displayed below the Amount.



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Making a mobile check deposit on Varo isn’t a difficult task, once you have an understanding of how things work, then in a couple of minutes, you should be able to make a check deposit in Varo and wait for a review.


One aspect people do get their checks deposit rejected is when taking a Photo of their Checks, you must ensure that the picture of the Check you are taking is uprightly clear, and contains no poor exposure or low level of brightness at some angle of the photo.

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