How to Unblock My Walmart Money Card 2023


If you’re a Walmart MoneyCard holder, you may have experienced a blocked card at some point, which can be frustrating when you need to make a purchase or withdraw cash. A blocked card can occur due to various reasons, such as suspected fraud or a security issue. However, unblocking your card is a simple process that you can do in a few easy steps.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to unblock your Walmart MoneyCard quickly and easily. We’ll cover different methods, including using the mobile app and contacting customer support, to help you regain access to your funds. We’ll also provide you with some useful tips and answer some frequently asked questions about unblocking your Walmart MoneyCard.

Whether you’re a new or existing Walmart MoneyCard holder, this guide will help you unblock your card and get back to using your funds without any hassle. So, let’s get started and learn how to unblock your Walmart MoneyCard!


Why was my Walmart Money Card blocked?


Green Dot Bank issues Walmart MoneyCards. Thus, they reserve the exclusive right to draw the curtains on your account if they notice a breach in their terms of service.

Sometimes, they don’t tell you what you did explicitly, but from experience and a read through their terms of service, I’ve compiled a list of the possible reasons why your Walmart MoneyCard might have been blocked.

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Here are some of the most common reasons why Green Dot Bank blocks Money Cards.


  1. Suspected fraud: If Walmart MoneyCard’s fraud detection system flags a transaction as suspicious, it may block the card to prevent further unauthorized transactions.
  2. Security issues: Walmart MoneyCard may block a card if there are security concerns, such as a potential data breach or compromised account information.
  3. Terms and conditions violation: If the cardholder violates the terms and conditions of the Walmart MoneyCard agreement, such as using the card for illegal activities or making unauthorized purchases, the company may block the card.
  4. Insufficient funds: If there are insufficient funds in the account to cover a transaction, Walmart MoneyCard may block the card until the account is replenished.
  5. Technical issues: In rare cases, technical issues with the card or Walmart MoneyCard’s system may cause the card to be blocked.

It’s important to note that these are just some possible reasons why a Walmart Money Card might be blocked, and the specific reason for the block may vary depending on the situation. It’s best to contact Walmart MoneyCard customer support to determine the specific reason for the block and to resolve the issue.


How to Unblock a Walmart Money Card


If you happen to violate any of the terms and you end up getting a restricted MoneyCard, you can always unblock the card.

While there is no specific procedure to unblock the card by yourself, unblocking MoneyCards isn’t unheard of.

Here are some things you can try if your Walmart MoneyCard gets blocked.

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  1. Log in to the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. On the dashboard, tap the Card lock/Card unlock toggle.
  3. The toggle will turn green, indicating that your card is unlocked.

If you do not have access to the mobile app, you can also unblock your card by calling Green Dot Bank, the issuer of the Walmart MoneyCard. The phone number is 1-877-937-4098. You will need to provide your name, card number, and date of birth to unblock your card.

Here are some things to keep in mind when unblocking your Walmart MoneyCard:

  • You can only unblock your card if you have a valid mailing address on file.
  • There is a $2 fee to unblock your card.
  • The process of unblocking your card may take up to 24 hours.





A Walmart MoneyCard is an insanely convenient way to keep and spend money without all the hassles of getting a bank account.

It works across most stores and ATM outlets, specifically ones with Visa support. You can also gift MoneyCards to others, which contain a specific amount of money.

However, all of this usefulness becomes useless when the card is blocked. In this article, you learn how to unblock your blocked Walmart MoneyCard.

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