Does Woodforest Bank Use Zelle? Yes, See How I Transfer


Can you use Zelle in Woodforest?, or does Woodforest have Zelle as a Payment Method?

I will be answering this question in a couple of minutes, but before answering the question if Woodforest does work with Zelle, it is important to understand what Woodforest is.


Woodforest is a National Bank that is privately owned and has its headquarters in Texas. Currently, it has more than 788 branches in 17 states in the US.

The Woodforest bank is a community bank that is aimed at meeting the needs of the community they serve, by providing a high level of effective customer service to their customers.


On the other hand, Zelle is one of the most popular money transfer apps available. It is easy, fast, reliable, and secure, and in a couple of minutes, you can get your money delivered to the recipient.

Zelle offers all transfers authenticated within its app completely for free. With Zelle, you can directly transfer money from your bank account to another bank account.


Does Woodforest Bank Use Zelle


Zelle offers the easiest way to transfer funds from one bank account to another bank account in the United States

It serves as a middleman between your bank and the recipient’s bank.

However, if you are a Woodforest customer, you might be wondering if you can use Zelle as a payment method.

If you are on the verge of searching for an answer to this question, then you are in the right Post.


How I Transfer Money Between Woodforest And Zelle 2024


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Unlike some other banks that are supported by Zelle, Woodforest, on the other hand, isn’t listed under the banks supported by Zelle.

But is that all?, you might be reflecting, since Zelle doesn’t have Woodforest under its network, neither does Woodforest has Zelle as a payment method, then you derive a No response to the answer.


But there is still more that you can do with Zelle, Although, some banks aren’t among the Zelle network, Zelle does accept these banks’ cards.


Since Woodforest isn’t among the Zelle network, you can still add the Woodforest bank card to your Zelle mobile app.

Therefore, to bridge the gap between Woodforest and Zelle, you have to use your bank card.


So, let’s see how you can add your Woodforest bank card on Zelle:


  • Step 1: Download the Zelle app on your mobile device, this process is the same for both Android and iOS users.

Once you have downloaded the Zelle App, on your device, if you are using a recognized App store, it will automatically be installed on your device

But if you aren’t using any, then you have to manually install the app on your device.


  • Step 2: Set up your Woodforest account on Zelle using a US mobile number, then ensure you read and accept the terms and conditions stated by Zelle.

You will be prompted to search for a bank, which you want to link to Zelle, however, if you try entering Woodforest, you will get a Not Found Error.


  • Step 3: Tap on Don’t See Bank, this is an alternative, if you do not find the Woodforest bank on Zelle. You will be asked to enter your email address, ensure you enter the correct email address.
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  • Step 4: Enter your Woodforest bank card details, Zelle will request your bank card details, such as your card number, CVV, zip code, etc.


And that is all…


If you can successfully add your Woodforest bank card on Zelle, it will be associated with the US number or email address you have added to it.

Therefore, you can begin accepting payments and as well receiving payments from and to your Woodforest bank account.


Woodforest Bank Zelle Limit 2024


Woodforest Bank Zelle Limit


Zelle isn’t supported by Woodforest, neither is Woodforest supported by Zelle, therefore, the bank transaction limit is $500 per week, since you are using a Woodforest debit card in Zelle.

However, if you want to get a higher transfer limit, then you can opt-in to get an account on banks that are supported by Zelle.


Video Guide






While both platforms aren’t compatible with each other, there are tryouts you can engage on to bridge the gap that exists between Zelle and Woodforest.


All you have to do in short is, Download the Zelle app on your device, Link your Woodforest debit card on Zelle, and start receiving payments.

It’s simple and easy.

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