Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code 2023 – Check Account Balance


Are you searching for Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code 2023? In this article, I will show you How To Check your Fidelity Bank Account Balance. It is very easy and simple to check your fidelity bank account balance. You don’t need to go to the bank or ATM stand to check your account balance. You can do that from your comfort. Fidelity bank’s digital banking platform is available for you to enjoy mobile banking.


Fidelity bank mobile banking helps you to perform banking operations with your phone. With fidelity mobile banking you can send money, buy airtime, pay bills, check your account balance, and do more. This website is dedicated to helping you understand and teaching you how your bank’s digital banking platform works.


How To Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance


For you to check your fidelity bank account with your phone. You must have activated fidelity mobile banking on your device. If you have not activated that CLICK HERE TO READ FULL GUIDE.


Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code 2023


Below is a simple code to check Fidelity’s bank account balance. Follow the steps below and check your account balance.

  • To check your account balance, dial *770*0# with the phone number you used in opening your Fidelity Bank account.
  • Enter your Instant Banking PIN or the last 4 digits on your ATM card afterward. Entering your PIN is to confirm your transactions.
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When the service is successful, you will receive a message with details of the money left in your account.


You can as well check your access bank balance through your fidelity bank mobile app. Login to your app and click on account balance, it will be displayed at the right top of your profile.


Fidelity Bank Account Balance Checking Charge


Many questions people ask is “how much does fidelity bank charge for checking your account balance?” Yes, there is a particular amount that is been deducted from your account each time you check your account balance. This money is called the account balance checking fee, the cost of the service.


Fidelity bank charges their customers N20 each time they check their account balance. This looks unfair compared to banks that charge N10 for the same service. This means that each time you check your account balance, N20 will be deducted from your account as a service charge.


Hope you have learned how to use Fidelity Bank Account Balance Code. This article covers all you need to know about How To Check your Fidelity Bank Account Balance.


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