How To Check Ecobank Account Balance 2023


Learn How To Check Ecobank Account Balance. In this article, I will be showing you how to use the EcoBank account balance code. You can check your Eco bank account balance via USSD code and SMS. You don’t need to go to the bank or ATM to check your account balance, you can do that from your home.


You can do more with Ecobank mobile banking. This is a digital banking platform, set up by Ecobank to help their users enjoy easy banking. You can send money, buy airtime, check your account balance, and do many other things using Ecobank mobile banking codes.


We have written guides that will help you enjoy Ecobank mobile/internet banking. This website is dedicated to teaching you how to use your bank’s digital banking platforms. Online or mobile banking saves you the stress of going to your bank and wasting time.



EcoBank Account Balance Code 2023


Before you can check your Ecobank account balance. You need to register and activate Ecobank bank mobile banking on your device. This is possible if you still have the phone number linked to your Ecobank account. The phone number must be active, follow the guide below to activate this service or READ FULL GUIDE ON ECOBANK MOBILE BANKING.

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If you have not Registered for Ecobank mobile banking, *326# to activate it. Follow the command on your phone screen. Once you have completed registration, follow the steps below to check your account balance.

N/B – Registration is free no cost is required.


How To Check Ecobank Account Balance



How To Check Ecobank Account Balance On Phone Without Internet


You can check your Ecobank account balance using the USSD code ( short service) or through their mobile application service. The easiest way to check your account balance on Ecobank bank is through their ussd code option.


To check your Ecobank account balance, simply dial *326*0#. You must dial the code using the line linked with your account number and register with Mobile money. The phone number must have activated Ecobank mobile banking service as stated above.

Next, enter your mobile money PIN or the last 4 digits on your ATM Mastercard or Visa Card to confirm your request.



How To Check Ecobank Account Balance Via Mobile App


For you to check your account balance through this method, you must have activated Ecobank mobile banking app on your device. I have written a full guide on Ecobank bank mobile banking and how to use their services – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


EcoBank Account Balance Checking Charge


Many questions people ask “how much does Ecobank charge for checking your account balance?” Yes, there is a particular amount that is been deducted from your account each time you check your account balance. This money is called the account balance checking fee, the cost of the service.

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Ecobank charges their customers N20 each time they check their account balance. This looks unfair compared to banks that charge N10 for the same service. This means that each time you check your account balance, N20 will be deducted from your account as a service charge.


Hope you have learned how to check your Ecobank account balance. This article, covered all your need to go know about EcoBank Account Balance Code. Learn more about digital banking from this website, if you have any questions use the comment box below.


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