How To Dispute A Charge On Discover? EASY METHOD


If you recently figured out an authorized transaction on your Discover account, it could be that you have been victimized by credit card fraud.

Or rather, if a particular merchant has refused to provide the product ordered, or rather delivers an entirely different product from the one ordered, then you can simply file a dispute for such a transaction.


Disputing a charge on Discover is completely easy and Straightforward, as well as offering a 0$ Fraud Liability Guarantee, meaning you are proffered with full cover in cases of credit card fraud or whatever reasons why you might want to dispute a charge.


Therefore, if you are wondering how to dispute a charge on Discover and get a refund, then this article is for you.


Reasons to Dispute a Charge on Discover


There are several reasons why you might want to dispute a charge on discover, however, the core reasons why most people dispute a charge are as follows:


  1. Unauthorized Charge

This is the core reason why people engage in disputing a charge on Discover. An unauthorized charge, implies a charge done on your account that wasn’t authorized by you.

Probably, something related to credit card scams, then you can simply dispute such a transaction.

Therefore, in a situation like this, to prevent it from occurring again, you must keep your card safe, in terms of understanding systems where you input your card information, such as your identification number, your CVV, and the rest of the information, that seems vital.

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  1. Billing Errors

Billing errors are also another reason why you might want to dispute a charge on Discover, some of examples of billing errors are as follows:

  • Yet to receive goods and services, which you have completely paid for
  • Calculation errors
  • Transactions not clearly described or for which you need clarification
  • Failure to deliver a billing statement to you at your address on file


  1. Incomplete service

This is also another common reason why people engage in disputing a particular charge, have you recently made a payment for a particular service to be rendered or goods to be delivered and ended up not being delivered or rendered?

Then, you can simply request a Refund of money from such a person or merchant. 


How to Dispute A Charge on Discover


Now that you have understood why people engage in disputing a charge, then, here is how you can easily dispute a charge on Discover.


Step 1: Contact Retailer or Review Account Statement

The first thing you need to do is to contact the retailer in person, if it is in a case of not delivering goods then you can request a refund of money from the retailer.

If the retailer is ready to cooperate, then you are more likely going to get your money refunded back to you in a short time.

However, this may not always be the case, if the merchant wants to defraud you of your Money, then you won’t get refund money, the next step to do is to file a dispute for such a charge.

If it is a case of an unauthorized charge on your account, then you have to critically review your transaction, in order not to get any billing error. 

To keep constant track of your bank account, you have to make a periodic check at all transactions you make, probably on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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Step 2: Contact Credit Card Issuer or Discover

If the above step turns out to be unsuccessful, then, you can stick to this method to get a refund of money back to your account.

In these steps, you can either contact the customer care of your credit card issuer, by visiting a bank branch or rather calling their customer care line.

You can also contact Discover, if you experienced unauthorized transactions on your Discover balance, this can be done through the online platform Discover.

All you have to do is to log in to your Discover account online, navigate to your Activity and Statement, then, locate the transaction which you want to file a dispute for, and click on the Dispute Charge.

If you want some sort of quick response from their customer representatives, then you can simply contact their call line, at 1-800-347-2683.


How Long Do You Have to Dispute a Discover Card Charge?


If you file a dispute on Discover, you should expect a refund of the money shortly. Once a dispute is made, Discover tries to engage in an investigation regarding the dispute between the customer and the merchant.


Therefore, it can take up to 120 days, before you can get a refund of money back to your card, the side of the merchant, and 20 days to provide the necessary documents.


What Are the Charges I Can’t Dispute on Discover?


Literally, not all charges can be disputed on Discover, aside from the above reasons for disputing a charge, there are several reasons why you might want to dispute a charge on Discover which is quite not covered by their chargeback policy.

For example, You can’t dispute a charge for a merchant’s poor interpersonal relationship, or probably the inconveniences associated with a merchant.

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What to Do if There Is an Unauthorized Charge on Credit Card Discover?


You can simply file a dispute online, however, you may not have that much time to wait for a response from the Discover support center, therefore, the best option is to make a call right away by calling the following number 1-800-347-2683.

Or if it isn’t that urgent, then you can file a dispute online.


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In this article I have shown you how you can easily dispute a charge on Discover, or rather, how you can get a refund of money from a merchant, who happens not to deliver the product ordered.

Disputing a charge on Discover doesn’t require any charge from the customer side, and therefore, getting a refund of money can take you up to 120 days.


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