Is Candy Crack Legit? Candy Crack Review


Another game has been gaining popularity, not only because it is an addictive game but because players are being promised cash rewards as well. This has made many interested players curious if the reward is real or if this game is another scam. 

Before you waste your time and effort trying to level up by watching numerous video ads to claim the so-called reward. Let’s go through a review of Candy Crack to know if the payment is legit or fake. 


What Is Candy Crack?


What Is Candy Crack


This puzzle game was designed by Sophia Games which requires you to click on a minimum of two similar candies to get rid of them. As you proceed with playing the game, you will be rewarded with in-app money and coins which said you can cash out using Paypal, Amazon gift cards, and cash app credits. 


Like other games that promise rewards, there is a mandated level or requirement that must be reached before you can have access to your monetary rewards. With Candy Crack, the requirement is to acquire up to $1,000 or 50 million coins. 


As you continue to play the game, you will also be required to watch numerous video ads to have access to your rewards. Through these view ads, the developer continues to make decent gains. 


How Does Candy Crack Work?


To play Candy Crack, you will be required to install the game on your mobile device which can be done on Google Play Store. The installation of Candy Crack must allow the application to have access to your images and other items on your mobile device. 

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If you are not willing to and not comfortable with the app having permission on your device files, you might want to reconsider installing the game on your device. 


How Do I Play Candy Crack?


Playing Candy Crack is simple and easy. All you have to do is select a minimum of two similar candies to get rid of them. The number of candies removed will determine your score as you will earn more scores when a high number of candies gets removed. 


The game also features a progress bar where you can monitor your advancement as you play. Once the progress bar reached a required level, you will be rewarded with coins and Virtual dollars. These earned rewards can also be doubled if you are willing to watch video ads. 


As you progress with the game, other games will be available to participate in, these games include scratch cards, lucky raffles, and slot machines. Through these games, you will be able to earn additional rewards. 


What Prizes Can I Win When Playing Candy Crack?


When playing Candy Crack, you will also be told that you can win numerous big prizes such as an iPhone. There’s an iPhone icon located on the game screen, when you click on it you will be taken to a page where big prizes can be won. 


On this page, you will see prizes like an iPhone, PS5, iMac, 1 Bitcoin, and a switch. Just like you might have guessed, there is a requirement to earn these prizes which are to watch more video ads. 

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How Do I Get Paid?


As you progress while playing the game, you will earn in-app cash and coins, these rewards are stated to be withdrawable using Paypal or Amazon gift cards once you’ve accumulated up to $1,000 or 50 million in-app coins. 


However, getting this money doesn’t look possible as you will just have to keep playing and watching video ads. The App also stated in its Terms and Conditions that it can deny payment to a player if an irregular activity is noticed tho the details about the irregular activity are not explained.


Is Candy Crack Legit?


Judging by numerous reviews dropped by different players on Google Play, the game is not legit as the payment promised has not been received by any of the players. It is reported that after playing for a while, you stop receiving the in-app cash reward.

Failure to earn this reward will make cashing out impossible since you will have to earn a minimum of $1,000 to cash out. 

One of the reviews dropped by a player claims you will still be unable to cash out even if you earn the minimum required amount, the game will set a new requirement which is to consistently log in for 400 days. 

The developer can also make use of the excuse of noticing an unusual activity to deny your payment as has been stated in the Terms and Conditions. With this excuse, no explanation will be given as they are not obliged to give one. 

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Playing Candy Crack to earn cash is a time-wasting and fruitless adventure. There has been no evidence of payment from past and current players and all you will do is invest your time in playing the game and watching several video ads to enrich the developer without receiving the promised reward.

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