Lincoln Savings Bank Cash App – How To Use It


Are searching for Lincoln Savings Bank Cash App? You use Cash App, and you love it. You know it’s not a bank, but it’s doing everything your bank can do, and even more. Somehow, you came across Lincoln Savings Bank.


You might be aware that Sutton Bank issues Cash App cards and that Cash App doesn’t work as a bank, but what exactly is Lincoln Savings Bank, and how is it related to Cash App?


Is Lincoln Savings Bank Cash App?


It’s easy to get confused, but this article is here to help you. Today in this post, you’ll learn what Lincoln Savings Bank is and how it relates to Cash App. You’ll also learn the advantages of the union between these two financial powerhouses.


Spare me five minutes for this quick ride.


What is Cash App?


Established in 2013 as Square Cash, Square Inc. renamed its fast-growing mobile payment platform to Cash App in 2018. Fast-forward to 2021, it has grown to become one of the most popular payment platforms in the United States.

For some odd reasons that Square Inc. only knows, Cash App is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom.

At first, Cash App kept its functionalities extremely limited. With time, however, Cash App added some very innovative features that won over lots of users.

For example, you can buy stocks and Bitcoin on Cash App. You can also get an optional debit card that lets you withdraw your Cash App funds at any supported ATM.

Newly created Cash App accounts have some annoying limits. For example, you can’t send north of $250 in a week, and you can’t receive more than a thousand dollars in thirty days.

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Once you verify your account, Cash App will increase these limits, and they will probably be higher than that of your bank.

Where does Lincoln Savings Bank come into all these?

Are Cash App transactions powered by this bank?


What is Lincoln Savings Bank?


Lincoln Savings Bank is a full-service bank in Iowa. It is registered with the FDIC, which means you get all the insurance perks on your account.

While it’s certainly not one of the most popular banks around, it has its fair share of innovation and history. It uses the face of Abraham Lincoln as its logo and it is supposedly worth $1.472 billion.

Lincoln Savings Bank has been around for about forever since they were established in 1902. It started as an agricultural bank, and it has grown exponentially to provide financial services to Iowans.

In 2005, Lincoln Savings Bank established the LSB Foundation for giving out to charity. Today, the bank has numerous branches in Iowa, where they carry out financial transactions.


How Lincoln Savings Bank Relates to Cash App


Reading up to this point, everything might still sound like a pile of trash. You still don’t know if Lincoln Savings Bank owns Cash App or the other way around.

It’s certainly not the other way round, as Cash App has only existed for about eight years; compare that to Lincoln Savings Bank’s 12 decades of existence.

If you can be a little more patient, you’ll see how everything makes sense in a jiffy.

Initially, Cash App didn’t support direct deposits to your Cash App account. If you ever need to receive a paycheck or any payment from a bank to your Cash App, you’ll have to create the functionality yourself.

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After some years of waiting anxiously, Cash App started supporting direct deposits in 2018. You can now receive your stimulus package, a paycheck, or a direct payment to your Cash App account from a bank account.

While many people rejoiced at that news, only a few techies looked into the inner workings of the innovative feature.

Cash App is still not a bank. Also, you still need a bank account to receive payments from a bank. That’s where Lincoln Savings Bank comes into question. While you might be having a grasp of how it all sticks together, you’ll need more explanations.

Before I tell you how Lincoln Savings Bank helps Cash App make this possible, you’ll first need to know how direct deposits work with Cash App.


How Direct Deposits Work on Cash App


To receive your paychecks to your Cash App account, you’ll need an account number and a routing number. Cash App only provides a $Cashtag when you sign up, and you’ll need to set up the rest yourself.

How do you get an account number and a routing number for Cash App?

Here are the steps.


  1. Open the Cash App on your device and navigate to the Banking tab.
  2. Tap “Deposits and Transfers” and copy the details using the provided button.

This process will differ a bit if you need a direct deposit form. When you select “Deposits & Transfers” from your banking tab, you’ll need to tap “Get Direct Deposit Form” instead of “Copy Details.” a

Once you’ve completed the form, you can email it to the recipient to start receiving payments directly to your Cash App.

If you’ve followed this carefully, you’ll notice that Cash App has crossed well into the banking territory. It appears as if they issue an account number and a routing number.

However, Cash App doesn’t issue all these; they’re all powered by Lincoln Savings Bank. Lincoln Savings Bank partnered with Cash App in 2018 to bring these banking features to the already popular app.

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If you’ve heard of Sutton Bank, they are affiliated with Lincoln Savings Bank too. However, Sutton Bank is only responsible for issuing the Cash App cards, and they don’t power direct deposits.




Cash App’s affiliation with Lincoln Savings Bank is a beneficial one. Before 2018, you cannot receive your paychecks directly to your Cash App account.

With Lincoln Savings Bank, this is now possible.

The next time you’ll be receiving a direct deposit payment to your Cash App account, remember to thank the random agric bank in Iowa that made it possible.

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