Only Cash Surveys Review


If you like the idea of giving your opinions in exchange for cash rewards, then there’s a good chance you might have come across the only Cash survey website which promises a chance of winning cash prizes, and you are awarded a free $5 sign up bonus to gear you up for the journey ahead.

We decided to take a look at Only Cash reviews because of the rate of scams out there and to prevent you from wasting your time with the website.

 This publication thus explains all that the Only Cash Surveys is all about, how it works, and an in-depth review of the only Cash survey website.

Understanding Only Cash Surveys

The website is designed to act as an intermediary between its users, and market research surveys. The website is completely free to use, as such you do not need to pay any money to sign up. Instead, you get paid up for signing up with $5 in cash which can be withdrawn.

If you are familiar with survey platforms, you will understand that surveys are usually allocated to people based on their age range, demographics, and other criteria needed by the market research companies. The only Cash surveys are not different from other survey platforms which allocate surveys to their users based on their set criteria.

These survey platforms promise loads of surveys, while the minimum withdrawal is set to $50. Unlike some survey sites, this survey platform does not offer its users’ a raffle draw or let you take on other paid offers.

The website looks legit, except for the fact that the owners and developers of the website are anonymous. There is no relevant information pointing to the owners of the company in the “About Us” section. Aside from that, the website gives a detailed guide on how the site works and how you can earn from it.


How Does It Work?


Like every survey website or app out there. The only Cash survey website allows you to sign up for a chance of earning up to $200 per week when you fill out surveys for market research firms. Most companies are always looking for ways to improve their brand or product or know what people feel about them. 

Companies looking to improve their product or brand usually seek the help of market research companies to help them project to their large target audience for honest opinions about what they offer. Companies are always willing to pay thousand or million of dollars to hear other people’s opinions about their brand or product.

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One of the ways market research gains honest opinions of diverse people is by partnering with survey websites such as only Cash surveys, inbox dollars, paid viewpoint, etc.

With the only Cash survey website, you stand a chance of earning up to 1,000 or more to your PayPal account which can later be transferred to your bank account. Alternatively, you can try the gift card or other cash-out options for gamers.

However, you will receive a notification on your email address to confirm your entry when you sign up for at least 2 market research companies on the website. What this implies is that the only survey website is seeking your consent before using your opinions for market research companies. In addition, signing up also allows the website records you, and always notify you whenever there’s a new survey available.

Once you’ve been able to complete the registration process, you will immediately get the chance to start earning money with the survey platform because you will see available surveys for you to try out in exchange for cash. 

There’s usually a short description of the type of survey, eligibility criteria, and the estimated time you will spend taking the survey on a strong internet connection. In addition, the short description also includes the worth of the survey in cash. 

Most surveys will not take more than 20-30 minutes of your time, and you are expected to get at least 0.99 cents on each survey. However, do note that you may be disqualified while taking the survey if you input an answer which does not meet the requirements of the market research company.

 Most times, market research companies are usually seeking specific people to complete a survey for a chance at getting paid. For example, market research companies might be looking for people in Alaska to give their opinion about their favorite good brand.

The bottom line is that it’s easy to take surveys and get paid in cash. The downside is that you may have to wait up to 30 days before accessing your earnings in your PayPal account. Do note that the more surveys you try out, the more you increase your chances of earning bigger.


Is Only Cash Survey Legit?


The only Cash survey that has debated been reported as legit, and not a scam. Because the survey does not collect cash deposits before allowing you to participate in surveys. Legitimate survey companies are always looking to pay their users without asking for any money in return. 

This explains why it’s free to take surveys on the only Cash survey website. The interesting thing is that you instead get paid to sign up, rather than paying a one-time fee or annual fee to sign up for surveys.

Meanwhile, I think it’s an obvious scam because the website does not have a page or a menu icon that suggests “Withdrawal.” If no menu option gives you the ability to withdraw, you ought to know that it’s an obvious waste of time

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In addition, this survey platform is not like other survey platforms because they do not ask for other personal information besides your name and email address. Most survey platforms will want to know everything about you, your family, what you do every day, where you shop, your favorite brands, how you spend your leisure time, your alcohol or cigarette consumption rate, and others.

The only Cash survey platform does not ask for personal information, making everything look too easy. They only ask for basic information about you, and they do not usually bother about verifying if your account is real by sending you a verification code to your email address or phone number.

The reward they promise are however enticing, and you might overlook them by not trying to verify your account once you try to sign in. The only added security needed to access your account is your unique password. In addition, they only send you notifications to your email address when you sign up for two or more market research companies on the website.

In addition to testing the credibility of the website, the website acts strange because they usually redirect you to other survey websites. Some of the survey links have been reported to be a link redirecting one to a fake website that plans to illegally steal personal pieces of information about you.

In some cases, your preferred browser will warn you about the website trying to steal personal information about you without your consent. That’s another red flag about the website, because they may try to steal your password, bank email, etc.


Is The Sign Up Bonus Real?


The website promises to give its users a $5 bonus when they complete their registration process. This is one of the reasons that made the website famous. Getting free $5 sounds interesting enough, and it will act as a source of motivation for new users.

The sad part is that the claims about the $5 bonus are false, you can’t find it anywhere even after completing all registration processes. You may decide to overlook that and focus on making money while giving your opinions about brands or products.


 Reviewing The Only Cash Survey


Here’s what people are saying about the only Cash survey website;

Edna says she was able to successfully reach the minimum withdrawal and tried out the gift card option since she does not have a PayPal account. She added that she has not been able to redeem her gift card from the only Cash survey website for over three months. To her, she feels like she has wasted her time.

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Barry thinks they are a scam and further stressed that the customer support service team is not active since no one is available to answer his question or complaint.

Ken says he had tried out the website in the past, and he tried redeeming his cash for a gift card option, but he was never able to redeem the gift card issued to him because it was fake. He also complained about how useless the support teams are.

Rosemary on the other hand said she had successfully received payment from only Cash surveys in the past but they suddenly stopped paying after a while. She added that she does not know why they stopped paying people in the long run, but she hopes that someday the app will regain its lost glory.



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In conclusion, the only Cash survey website does not look legit enough, and they are only acting as an affiliate to other survey platforms whereas they paint a picture of being a standard survey site.

In my opinion, you should avoid this survey platform and try out other survey apps like poll pay, inbox dollars, Swagbucks, and many others if you still love the idea of getting paid for giving your opinions.

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