Is Gold Miner Mania Legit? Gold Miner Mania Review


If you are used to playing mobile games, then you must have come across an online ad telling you about the possibilities of winning cash prizes, smartphone devices, and other prizes when you play the Gold Mania game.

The advertisement will tell you how to make a fortune overnight just by following the rules of the Gold Mania game. The advertisement makes everything looks so easy, and you may wonder if the Gold Mania app is legit or worth trying?

Everybody wants to earn money, especially when the money can be earned at the expense of doing little or no work. This is what has lured millions of people to try out the app and see for themselves. However, people who often download the app are expected to spend a quantity amount of time in exchange for cash rewards and other prizes.

The app has people questioning the possibilities of earning money through the app, and if it’s legit enough. This publication will explain what the Gold Mania game is all about, its credibility status, and an in-depth review of the app.


Understanding What The Gold Miner Mania App Is All About?


The Gold Miner Mania App is a mobile game where players play the game for a chance at winning cash prizes, smartphones, and many more. The game was created for adults above the age of 18 who are willing to spare a few of their time to play for a chance at winning exciting rewards.

The game was created by a tech company- a superstar game studio. They specialize in creating amazing games and apps for users around the world. The game mania app is one of the company’s successful projects known for making people rich. Although the gold miner app is not supported on iOS devices, which means Android users are only eligible to download and install the app.

The game is newly launched, which explains why there has been a lot of awareness about the app on diverse online platforms. You play by collecting items in the game where the items can then be converted as cash or other fascinating prizes.


How to Transfer Money from Gold Miner Mania to Pay Pal


If you are lucky to win enough money, you can always withdraw your cash earnings to your designated PayPal account. However, the minimum amount you can withdraw in the game is $200.  Meanwhile, the app hopes to add more payment platforms in the nearest future.

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The interesting thing about this game is that the benefits of playing are not limited to some eligible countries because the creators allow everyone from all parts of the world to play for a chance at winning exciting rewards. It does not matter what continent you are from, all you need to have is your android device, install the app and play for a chance at winning up to $25 per day.


How Does It Work


If you are curious to know how you can earn money using the Gold miner app on your Android device, all you have to do is to visit your Google play store or any app store of your choice and download the application. Do note that you are one step ahead of winning big as soon as you download and install the app.

If you are also curious about how you are going to play to win, all you have to do is follow the instructions of the game and collect items in the game. The more items you collect, the more your chances of winning exciting cash prizes to your PayPal account.

The downside is that it might be a bit strenuous while collecting items in the game, and you are required to exercise patience in other to win big. You are allowed to play for free when you watch video ads which will enable you to generate more time for you to play the game. You can always view your reward progress in the left corner of your screen.

Most people often complain about the gold miner app displaying too many ads. But the game developers claim they generate revenue when people interact with the ads shown to them. So it sounds like a win-win situation. You invest and then get to play for free, and only get more chance of playing when you view advertisements.


Gold Miner Mania Payment Proof


Playing a mobile game for a chance to win cash prizes, smartphones, and other prizes sounds fun. But withdrawing your earnings to your designated bank account sounds more fun. The app gives you the option to withdraw your cash earnings to your PayPal account, and you will be duly notified about how long it will take for your money to be transferred.

The app promises to transfer your payment to your PayPal account within a time frame of 30 minutes. But I tried out the game myself and found the information false. Because I was told to wait for 72 hours and was forced to watch more than 40 video ads.

Thereafter, I was forced to wait for an additional 30 days because the app tends to pay people batch by batch. You then have to hope for it to be your turn within that time frame.

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You might be curious to know what happened after j waited for an additional 30 days? I did not get paid, even after meeting all criteria. The long process of waiting is only there to incite some feelings of hope and to give you more time to either spread words about the app or forget about its existence.

The most annoying part of all of this was not the time wasted but the amount of time I spent watching video ads with the hope of getting paid.

It’s also fair to note that a company can’t pay over 50,000 people the sum of $200 each without accepting some sort of deposit. Just like you, app developers and creators also want to make a couple of bucks. Now the do maths (50,000 X 200=10,000,000). Imagine a company paying $10,000,000 monthly to 50,000 random people around the world. What would be left for them to feed on? And it’s also important to ask yourself how much does the company generate from ads?


Gold Miner Reviews


I already stated above that the app is a scam, and will not pay you. But you can’t just take my words for it because there are chances that I might be making false claims about the app or maybe I did not meet all requirements before applying for withdrawal.

It will have been pleasant to read some reviews about the app on the Google play store, which will help you learn more about the gold miner app and know more about your chances of getting paid. However, the app is still in its “early access” stage making it impossible for anyone to publish any negative or positive reviews about the app.

Since Google play store is not allowing people to air out their opinions about the app, I figured it would be nice to hear what other people are saying about the Gold miner app. This was why I carried out an anonymous survey to know what people feel about the Gold miner app if it can be trusted and any hope of getting paid.

Below are some of what people are saying about the app;

Carl says he got to learn about the gold miner app through an online ad and soon got addicted to playing while hoping to win an iPhone amongst other prizes. He was unable to meet the iPhone requirements, but he was able to accumulate over $200 in cash earnings and never got paid.

Simon hates the fact that Google play store is still preventing the app with the “Early Access” clause because he feels the app has been around for quite a while and should give room for people to air out their opinions about the app.

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Allison is curious to learn more ways how she can withdraw her earnings because she invested a lot of time trying out the game with the hope of winning.

Kennedy says he’s yet to hit the minimum withdrawal limit, but he’s still playing for a chance at winning, and withdrawing in the later future.

Ben says the app is crap and a waste of time and warns others to not play the game.



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In conclusion, the Gold miner mania app is not legit, will only waste your time, and you stand little or no chance of getting paid. However, irrespective of all the critics, you may choose to try out the game and play for a chance at winning. You’ll never know maybe you’ll be considered lucky amongst other people.

In addition, if you are willing to play the game, you must be ready to watch a lot of video ads. Above all, it’s not advisable to install the gold miner mania app for any reason. If you already have it on your phone, it’s best to uninstall it and let go.

Hope you enjoy reading this review about the Gold mania miner app. Do well to share this article!

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