Venmo Phone Number Already Registered? What To Do


This is why help should be sought when it is needed. Do you have a problem with registering your phone number or activating your Venmo account with your phone number?

Perhaps you do not want to activate your Venmo account with your phone number.

Here, you will find the solutions regarding phone number registration and activation such that your problem is solved and you might even want to believe that Venmo is perfect. 


Let’s start with the most common problem, the error message – Venmo Phone Number Already Registered – that may pop up when one tries to create a Venmo account.


Venmo Phone Number Already Registered – What To Do


Venmo Phone Number Already Registered


Are you like my neighbor who bought a phone recently but couldn’t register a Venmo account because Venmo claimed that the phone number was already registered?

There are only two reasons why Venmo would send a notification like this when you attempt to register. These are;

  • You already have an active account on Venmo: If you have previously opened an account on Venmo with the phone number you are trying to use, the account cannot be activated. This is because Venmo will never allow two accounts to have the same number. 

If you didn’t previously open an account with the phone number, there is a possibility that someone else has used the number to open a Venmo account


  • You have tried to register previously, but didn’t complete the process: Attempting to create an account but stopping midway can coincidentally create an account with the phone number provided. Any more attempts after this will cause Venmo to reiterate that an account has already been created.


If both of these situations are encountered, what do you do?

The easy and only way out is to contact Venmo support and ask for the error to be looked into. You can contact the support by,

  1. Email: You will find the Venmo support email on the app. Send an email explaining the situation and your inability to create an account because it seems to have been previously registered.
  2. Chat: You can easily chat with Venmo support on the Venmo app. Tell them about your difficulty and the solution will be provided.
  3. Call: It is also possible to make a call to Venmo support. Get the number on the app, make a call and inform them of your inability to register and the reason.


How Can I Update My Phone Number On Venmo?


There are situations where a person has to change their phone number. It could be as a result of buying a new phone. Or a wish to simply change the service provider in use.

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However, in this case, one would also want to update the new phone number on Venmo. This can be completed in very simple steps. Before that, there are some things to note.


  1. You need to be logged into your account with the old phone number. You can either use the old device if you still have access to it. Or log in to your previous account with your new device using your old phone number.
  2. If you find it impossible to log in with the old phone number, reach out to Venmo support and clear up the difficulty.
  3. Do not open another Venmo account with the new phone number. This is because, according to the Venmo User Agreement, a person cannot have two different accounts. Please, avoid opening a new account with the new phone number if you already have one existing.


If you’re logged in to your old phone number into your Venmo account, follow the simple steps to update your phone number easily.

  1. Open settings in your Venmo app.
  2. In the settings, click Account and then go on to click Phone Number.
  3. Enter the new phone number you want to add.
  4. You will receive a verification code.
  5. Verify the phone number with this code.

Voila! Your phone number is updated and your transactions can continue using your new phone number.


Can You Unregister A Phone Number on Venmo?


The simple answer to this question is No.

Unregistering your phone number in Venmo to leave the information bare and unattended is synonymous with putting an end to every transaction that you need to carry out on the app.

Every Venmo account needs to be associated with a particular phone number because the phone number, aside from the email address provided, is the basis of every transaction, transfer, payment, notification, and others that are contained in the use of the app.


You shouldn’t unregister your phone number from Venmo.

In some cases, some people open a Venmo account without the inclusion of a phone number or refuse to verify the phone number provided.

The account can be created, but it is important to note that no payment or transfer, or any form of transaction will proceed without a registered phone number.

If you want to stop using a phone number, rather than unregistering the old phone number, you can update the phone number to a new one.

This allows transactions to continue as smoothly as before. However, don’t make a mistake as an individual to create an entirely new account with a new number.


Why Won’t My Phone Number Work For Venmo?


Having a phone number that is being rejected by Venmo can be very frustrating because not only does it hinder transactions, it can leave a person helpless and confused. However, what you need to verify is the type of phone number you are trying to register.

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If you are trying to register a number that uses VoIP service, Venmo will not accept the number. It doesn’t matter if it is associated with a phone, it doesn’t make it a phone number.


VoIP is known as Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a phone service that uses an internet connection to make phone calls directly from a computer or a VoIP phone or any other devices that work on data.

There are many VoIP service providers and it may be easy to confuse one of the numbers provided by a VoIP service provider with a phone number.

However, because VoIP numbers use the internet, it is not regarded as regular phone number. This is the reason why Venmo rejects such numbers.

If the phone number you are trying to use is from a VoIP service provider, it is advised that you purchase a new phone number from a regular service provider. This way, your Venmo account will be created without any hitch.

Another reason why your phone number may not work on Venmo might be because the number has been previously used to create another account.

In such a case, you’ll get an error message that says, “Venmo Phone Number Already Registered“. To solve a problem such as this, contact Venmo support as was explained earlier. 


Note: Venmo also rejects some burner app numbers or even some burner phone numbers. Be careful when you try to use such methods.


How Do I Bypass Phone Number Verification On Venmo?


Some people claim that it is possible to bypass your phone number verification on Venmo but the processes meted out can be classified as wrong and can cause a user to be banned from the use of a Venmo account.


Such processes include:


  • Getting a burner phone and registering on Venmo with its phone number. After registration, the phone number is verified and used to perform transactions. Some work, some don’t.
  • Buying a burner phone number. This works the same way as purchasing a burner phone, except this time you don’t have the phone but just the number. Like using burner phones, it is not very trustworthy and can’t be used for so long.
  • Using generated fake numbers. Some apps and websites generate fake phone numbers that can be used for registering and verifying on the Venmo app. The downside is Venmo is sometimes quick to detect phone numbers and such numbers are not accepted or even verified.


Another method that is not entirely wrong but protects the user from verification, all the same, is the use of another person’s phone number to register on Venmo.

If you have access to the phone number of a family member or friend that would be willing to share codes and other confidential information, then you can proceed to register with this number and also verify it too.

All the methods above are not advised. However, it is important to verify your phone number before your Venmo account can function properly.

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Without the verification of your phone number, it will be impossible to transfer money to your bank account, request money, send money or even receive payment – especially if the payment is made using that phone number.

To be free of all these worries, it is only advisable that a person verifies their phone number.


Phone number verification in Venmo can be completed in the following short steps;

  1.  Open the app and sign up with the phone number you want to use. If you have previously signed up, simply log into the account. Once you sign up, a verification code will be sent to the phone number.
  2. Get the code.
  3. Go back to the app and click on settings.
  4. Click on account and then the ‘change phone number‘ section.
  5. Do not enter a new phone number if you are not trying to update the phone number. Enter the number that was used for the registration.
  6. Enter the verification code in the required box.
  7. Wait for your verification to be confirmed.

This is the best way to get your Venmo app transacting properly.




Venmo may be tied with a lot of difficulties and confusion, but it can’t be solved without gaining the right knowledge. 

We have given you the knowledge you need when you encounter difficulties registering your phone number, updating your phone number, unregistering, making your phone number work, and verifying your phone number on Venmo.

It is concluded that these things can be easy by following the right steps and instructions.

Also, do not forget that no matter how pleasing using the wrong methods might be, they are not advisable and you should stay away from them.

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