Venmo Weekly Sending Limits 2023


Are you searching for Venmo Weekly Sending Limits? In this article; I have discussed in detail what you need to know about the Venmo Sending limit.

Venmo strongly contends as the best payments app in the United States. It introduced something previously unheard of: a social payment platform.


As people increasingly judge payment services with their transfer limits, it makes sense to review what the Venmo transfer limits are.

Here, I’ll show you how much you can transfer on Venmo and how you can get around it. Also, you’ll see how Venmo compares to other payment services, so you can choose which one is best for you.


What is Venmo?


Venmo is a social payment app for Android and iPhones, owned by PayPal. It is perfect for sending and requesting money between friends and acquaintances due to its friendly features and interface.

However, while the social nature of Venmo makes it exciting to use, it also introduces a privacy problem because payments are public by default.

When you pay someone over Venmo, anyone on the internet can see who you paid, why you’ve paid them, and when you paid them. The only thing that’s protected is the actual amount that you paid.


Venmo Weekly Sending Limit


While that is a privacy catastrophe, it’s none of our business here. Here, we only want to know what the Venmo transfer limits are and how they compare to other services.


What Are The Weekly Sending Limits for Venmo?


There are a couple of limits on Venmo. Also, the limit for verified accounts isn’t the same as those for unverified ones.

The transfer limits indicate the highest possible amount you can send to another Venmo user over a given period.

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When you hit your transfer limit, you will be unable to transfer any more money until your limit resets.

In this section, you’ll learn what the sending limits are and how long it takes to reset.


Overall Combined Sending Limit:
Person-to-Person Payments Authorized Merchant Payments Venmo Mastercard Debit Card Purchases
Maximum Weekly Spending $4,999.99 $6,999.99 $6,999.99
Per Transaction Limit $4,999.99 $2,999.99 $2,999.99

Note: the person-to-person sending limit is capped at $4,999.99.



  1. Unverified Venmo weekly sending limits

The weekly sending limits for Venmo are different for verified and unverified accounts. An account is verified when the account holder has uploaded their details to Venmo to verify their identity.

If you’ve not verified your Venmo account, you’ll only have a paltry $300 spending limit. If you have anything serious to do on Venmo, you’ll quickly realize that an unverified account doesn’t cut it.

There is no specific limit for peer-to-peer transactions or merchant transactions, unlike for verified accounts.


  1. Verified Venmo weekly sending limits

Once you complete your identity verification with Venmo, you’ll enjoy a massive boost in the weekly transfer limits.

A verified account can send up to $6,999.99 per week. If you do a peer-to-peer money transfer, make an online purchase, or complete a purchase with your Venmo debit card, they all count toward your weekly sending limit.

While Venmo will let you send up to this amount in a week, you can’t send it in a single transaction to one recipient.

If you’re sending money to another Venmo user, you can only send up to $4,999.99 per week. This limit stays the same per transaction, so you can hit your transfer limit in a single transaction.

However, if you’re transferring to a merchant, you have a less-generous per-transaction limit of $2,999.99, but you can spend as much as you can if you don’t exceed the $7,000 Venmo transfer limit.


Other Venmo Weekly Limits


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There are some other Venmo-related limits apart from the ones that involve the transfer of money.

Do you know there’s a limit to how much you can load to your Venmo every week?

If you’re moving money to your bank account from your Venmo balance, the limit is $999.99 per week on an unverified account, regardless of how much is in your balance.

Verified Venmo accounts can move up to $19,999.99 to their bank account in one week. There are charges for moving money to your bank accounts from your Venmo account, but they’re minimal.

However, if you want to add money to your Venmo account from your bank, you can load up to $1,500 per week. While this limit could increase based on certain factors, we don’t know what those factors are yet.

Also, if you hold a Venmo card, you can spend up to $400 daily. You can use your Venmo card for ATM withdrawals, checkouts in stores, and over-the-counter withdrawals.


When Does the Venmo Limit Reset?


If you’ve hit your transfer limit and would like to know when you can continue sending money using Venmo, this section will answer your questions.

Venmo counts your transactions back the past seven days to see if you’ve reached your weekly limit.

For instance, if you made a cumulated $6,999.99 worth of payments on Monday, you will be unable to further transfer any money until the Monday of the next week.

If you use the Venmo card, the limit resets every day and not every week. The limit resets at midnight every day, unlike the other weekly Venmo limits that reset based on when you made the transaction.


How to Increase Your Venmo Weekly Transfer Limit


There is no way to increase your limit if you have a verified account.

Unverified account holders can simply verify their accounts to increase their limits, but that’s almost all about increasing your Venmo limits.

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While Venmo periodically reviews and increases the limits for users based on their activities, we don’t have a specific framework for increasing your Venmo limits.

If the stringent Venmo limits don’t appeal to you, many other alternatives offer similar services and have more flexible limits.

Just prepare to do some work if you’re looking for ‘another social payment app.’




Venmo is one of a kind; no one has ever heard of a social payment platform before its inception.

While Venmo deserves accolades for removing the usual inconvenience associated with paying up, it’s only fair if we review their weekly sending limits too.

In this article, I’ve compiled all Venmo sending limits to help you decide if this ‘social payment app’ cuts it for you.

You’re welcome.

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