Do You Need A Bank Account For Cash App?


Maybe you live in a remote area without nearby banks, or for some weird reason, you decide that banks are not your thing.


But you need something to make payments. The past payment systems you’ve tried all require you to link a bank account, but is Cash App any different?


Do you need a bank account for Cash App?


There is no single correct answer to this question, as it depends on several factors. This article, however, goes into the most extensive detail you’ll ever find about using bank accounts with Cash App.


What is Cash App?


Cash App is a leading mobile payment service that’s only available in the USA and the UK, for now. It was formerly Square Cash, before its rebrand to the more memorable Cash App.

You can send and receive money on Cash App. The app also lets you invest in stocks, and if you’re a crypto fanatic like Elon Musk, you’ll find Cash App useful too, as you can buy Bitcoin on the app.

Most similar money management apps require users to connect their existing bank accounts for obvious reasons. With critical analysis, one will discover that this requirement kind of negates the main purpose of online payment solutions.

Why do I have to show that I use an offline bank to use an online one?

But what is Cash App’s take on this? Are they flowing with the tide, or do they have a solution that is truly independent of your bank account?

You’ll find out soon enough.


Do You Need A Bank Account For Cash App?


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No, not if we’re going by the dictionary definition of need.

Your bank account isn’t exactly required to make Cash App work, but I’ll be honest with you, it is needed to work efficiently.

While you don’t need a bank account to create an account and make basic transactions on Cash App, you’ll surely face some limitations if you don’t use a bank account with Cash App.


Why You Should Use A Bank Account With Cash App


There are a lot of reasons why you might want to link your bank account with your Cash App account. If you want Cash App to work as intended, linking your bank account is a must.

Here are some reasons why you should use a bank account with Cash App.


  • To Fund Your Account.

When you link your bank account to your Cash App, you can easily add cash from your bank account to your Cash App account.

To add money to your Cash App account from your bank, you’ll need to select “Add Cash” from the Banking tab on Cash App. Enter the amount you’ll like to add, and if your existing balance can cover the amount, it will immediately reflect on your account.

You can proceed to use this money to buy bitcoins, stocks, or checkout at stores that accept mobile payments across the United States.


  • Withdrawing Cash

If you recently got paid on Cash App, the money will always stay on Cash App until you withdraw it or send it to others.

If you don’t have your bank account linked to the app, there are chances that you also don’t have a Cash App card. If this is the case, there is absolutely no way to withdraw your cash from Cash App.

If you have a bank account linked, however, you can withdraw the funds to your bank. You can then cash it out at an ATM with minimal fees.

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  • To Get Your Cash Card.

There is only one workaround for withdrawing your funds from Cash App if you don’t have a linked bank account; using your Cash App card.

Funnily enough, Cash App only issues the card to verified Cash App users, and you need to link a bank account to verify your account.

Do you see the logic here?

There is absolutely no way to get your money in cash if you don’t link a bank account. If you’ll need to use cash often, you’ll want to consider using your Cash App account with a bank account.


How To Use Cash App Without A Bank Account


Before using Cash App, it will be helpful if you can add a bank account.

Even if you don’t want to have anything to do with banks, you can create an account, link it with your Cash App and forget about it.

When you link this account to your Cash App account, you can apply for a Cash App card that will allow you to withdraw funds from your account, totally independent of your bank account.

Apart from the above solution, some helpful hacks that will make Cash App more usable without a bank account are as follows.

  • Add funds at supported stores.

Multiple stores let you add funds to your Cash App account in the United States. They work the same; you walk in, pay the cashier in cash and have the money sent to your Cash App for a little fee.

While this might not be as easy as just tapping “Add Funds” from the app, it is still a manageable way to add funds to your Cash App account.


  • Buy funds from other Cash App users.

Do you know anyone that uses Cash App?

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Well then, you can buy funds from them and pay them back in cash. There is just a catch; there are too many scammers out there. Be sure you know someone personally before paying them to load your Cash App account.




Do you need a bank account for Cash App?

Our answer is no; it depends.

Depending on what you’re using Cash App for, you might or mightn’t be needing a bank account for Cash App.

One thing you should know for sure is: to withdraw money from your Cash App account to cash, you must link your bank account.

But using Cash App is much more than withdrawing cash.

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