Zelle Weekly Limit 2023 – Increase Zelle Limit


There’s a transaction limit placed on every Zelle account. In this article; I will review Zelle Weekly Limit and how to increase Zelle deposit and withdrawal limits.

If you prefer banks to digital payment platforms like Cash App or Venmo, you’ll be a fan of Zelle. This payment service has many things in common with other payment apps, and this includes the presence of a Zelle Weekly Limit.

Zelle works like Cash App; it’s a payment application that lets you transfer and receive money effortlessly.

However, unlike Cash App, Zelle has the backing of the most prominent banks in the United States. For most bank accounts in the United States, an account holder already has access to Zelle for mobile payments.


But can Zelle replace Cash App?

The answer to this boils down to a plethora of factors. Arguably, the most crucial factor is the limits put in place by Zelle. If they’re too stringent, abandoning other payment apps for Zelle won’t be worth it.


Zelle Weekly Limit


Also, banking limits exist to protect your account from scams. If someone managed to access your Zelle account without your permission, they can only steal so much from your money.

While you can increase the limit on your regular bank account by simply phoning your bank, the procedure for increasing your Zelle limit isn’t as easy.

Over the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn what the Zelle limits are and how you can increase them if that is even possible.


How Much is the Zelle Weekly Limit?


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While other payment apps like Cash App or Venmo set a specific limit for all users, Zelle’s weekly limit isn’t that specific.

The limit for your Zelle account depends on what bank you’re using. In essence, there are different Zelle weekly limits for the supported banks.

Here, I’ll list some of the prominent banks that support Zelle and their Zelle weekly limits.


Zelle weekly limit for Wells Fargo


If you use Wells Fargo as your preferred bank, you can natively access Zelle. As Wells Fargo is one of the original conveners of Zelle Pay, you would expect some flexible limits.

Wells Fargo lets you transfer up to $2,500 per day using Zelle Pay, which is one of the highest transfer limits from any supported bank.

However, this doesn’t mean you can keep sending $2,500 per day for every day of the month because you can’t send more than $4,000 per month.

The offer sounds mouth-watering at first. However, when you see the imposed monthly limit, it stops sounding like a great offer.


Zelle weekly limit for Bank of America


Zelle’s limits with Bank of America are undoubtedly better than Wells Fargo’s (or worse in the case of fraud).

Bank of America lets you send $2,500 per day and up to $17,500 per week. However, your monthly limits will be around the corner if you send up to this amount, as you can’t send more than $20,000 per month on Zelle with Bank of America.

Nonetheless, it’s still a better idea than using Wells Fargo, and is one of the best offers across all banks in the United States.


Zelle weekly limit for Chase Bank


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Chase Bank takes a better approach to Zelle weekly limits than Bank of America or Wells Fargo. It offers different weekly limits for personal accounts and business accounts.

If you hold a Personal Checking account, your transfer limit is capped at $2,000 per day. You can also transfer up to $16,000 per month, so you should be wary of that.

However, Chase Business Tracking and Private Tracking account up the limits, even more, allowing you to send up to $5,000 per day. However, you can only send $40,000 per month, which isn’t unimpressive, especially when you compare it to other options.


Other supported banks


Most other banks that natively support Zelle will allow you to send up to $1,000 per day and not more than $5,000 per month. Banks that follow this lead include Citizen’s Bank, PNC, and Citibank.

However, Capital One doubles both the daily and monthly limit. Discover won’t let you send over $600 per month, but it also doesn’t set any hard caps on the monthly limit.


What if My Bank Doesn’t Support Zelle?


If your bank isn’t one of those that officially support Zelle, you can still use the service through your supported debit card. Visa and MasterCard debit cards will let you use Zelle even if your bank doesn’t support it.

However, there is a significant caveat; your weekly transfer limit will be capped at $500. This limit isn’t practical, even for someone without a business.


How to Increase Zelle Transfer Limit


When you hit your Zelle transfer limit, it’s impossible to phone your bank (or Zelle) to ask for a temporary increase.

The best way to increase your Zelle transfer limit is to avoid hitting the limit in the first place. This is possible through careful research and selection of a bank that will accommodate your spending needs.

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Choosing a bank like the Bank of America or Chase Bank gives you a higher than average Zelle weekly limit.

If you’re still unsatisfied, there is only one other solution: checking out the other alternatives.








Zelle is an excellent payment solution backed by the top banks in the United States. However, going by reviews on various app stores, the most annoying thing about it is the Zelle weekly limit.

In this post, I’ve outlined the various spending limits for Zelle with the well-known banks available in the United States, and some measures you can take to avoid hitting the limits.

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