ATM Deposit Limit Bank of America 2023


It is very important to know the ATM deposit Limit of Bank of America. If you are a bank of America customer, then you are at the right place. In this article, I have discussed its ATM deposit limit and certain charges applied.

Bank of America ATMs are not only widespread across the United States; they are also very functional. The over 16,000 ATMs can do more than just withdrawals, you can also deposit cash and checks.


With more functionalities comes more limits. While there are some deposit limits for withdrawals already, you should expect some fresh limits if you’ll use ATMs to add money to your account.

If you’ll like to know what Bank of America deposit limits looks like, we’ve got you covered. In this detailed explainer, you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to know about ATM deposit limits at Bank of America ATMs.


How Does An ATM Deposit Work?


Some years ago, if you want to deposit to your bank account, you only have one choice: walk down to the bank, approach a friendly-looking cashier and ask to add money to your account.

If that sounds too stressful, that’s because it is stressful.

Over the years, we’ve had technological leaps, and there are now better, faster, and more convenient ways to deposit money into your bank account. ATM deposit is unarguably one of the most important.

ATM deposits involve walking down to an ATM joint with checks, and occasionally bills of cash. You’ll feed the ATMs with this cash and Bank of America adds it to your balance; it’s that easy.

In a perfect world, ATM deposits will work the same for everyone, and you’ll have your money immediately after you feed it to the machine.

Is Bank of America working towards a perfect world?

We’ll learn later on.


Bank of America ATM Deposit Limits


If you’re so eager to learn the deposit limits for Bank of America ATMs, I guess you’ll be a bit disappointed when you learn that it doesn’t exist.

Yes, you read that right. You can deposit as much money in your account as possible at a Bank of America without getting restricted or sanctioned.

While there isn’t a specific limit for ATM deposits, commonsense requires that you only deposit a specific amount per day, for some reasons.

Firstly, your bank will have to report transactions over $10,000 to the government. Bank of America might have to decline your request to deposit a check exceeding this amount. Trying to circumvent this by splitting your check can be disastrous.

Based on the capacity of the ATM, you can only deposit several bills or checks at once. Also, when you deposit a check, some of the money might be placed on hold for up to seven days, while Bank of America verifies the check.

If you deposit checks at an ATM during the weekends, you might have to wait till the next business day before it appears on your account.

As Wells Fargo has a good number of customers, you typically won’t be the only person before the machine. I’m not sure that the guy behind you will wait while you deposit a hundred thousand dollars through an ATM.


Bank of America ATM Deposit Alternatives


Sometimes, ATM deposits are just unsuitable for some banking transactions. They work fine, agreed, but there are more comfortable ways to deposit money into your account.

You’ll find some other ways to add cash to your account in this section, ranging from the easiest method to the method we recommend for large deposits.

Here you go.

  • Use Mobile Deposits

About every bank in the United States now offers mobile deposits, and it’s for a good reason; mobile deposits are very convenient.

Imagine not having to walk down to your bank, or even an ATM before depositing money. With mobile deposits, all you need to add cash to your bank account is average photography skills. Once you can take pictures of a check on your iPhone, you’re good to go.

However, if you’re trying to deposit larger amounts, mobile deposits might not be the way to go. You cannot deposit more than $10,000 through mobile deposits every month; compare that to the ATM deposit limit.

  • Show Up at a Branch

Do you have a check of $10,000 (or more) to deposit?

Well, we recommend that you show up at the nearest Bank of America branch to make your deposit.

While there is no rule preventing you from depositing this at an ATM, Bank of America has the right to decline the transaction. If you show up in person, you might help Bank of America answer some questions while they file a report to the government.

And yes, Bank of America must file a report to the government if your deposit exceeds the $10,000 mark.





Bank of America has no ATM deposit limits, but should you deposit all your money through an ATM?

I’m afraid that may not be the best idea. If you have only a small amount of money, mobile deposits have you covered, and if your deposits go a little bit overboard, you might want to consider visiting a branch.

Either way, the ATM deposit limits for Bank of America are nothing short of impressive. If you’re someone who uses an ATM so often, you’ll find yourself using it quite a lot.

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