Bluebird ATM Limit (Daily, Weekly And Monthly Limit)


Financial apps that run entirely online are getting increasingly popular recently with the rise of Chime, Cash App, and other similar payment apps. One of the better ones you can use at the moment is Bluebird, an app that offers you a prepaid debit card to use for transactions.

While getting a debit card is insanely convenient, there are surely some disadvantages to the entire process. One of the biggest disadvantages of getting a prepaid debit card via Bluebird is that it’s shipped to you, so there’s no one to ask all the questions.

Today in this article, I’ll answer one of the most pressing questions you have about your Bluebird ATM limit. You’ll learn the most you can withdraw from a Bluebird ATM, an out-of-network ATM, as well as the applicable fees that you may incur.


About the Bluebird Prepaid Debit Card


If you’re reading this article, you almost certainly have the prepaid debit card from Bluebird and you’re looking to learn about the applicable ATM limits. Before learning what the limits are, however, it makes sense to learn more about the capabilities of your card first.

The Bluebird Prepaid Debit card is an FDIC-insured debit card issued by American Express. It’s a low-fee card that works like a debit card, which is best for individuals looking for a card to purchase items across stores without any effect on their credit score.

You can add money to the Bluebird debit card using several methods, with transfers from a linked bank account or debit card being the most likely. Other alternatives include reloading at Walmart and depositing mobile checks directly to the card.

If you’re using the Bluebird Prepaid debit card to withdraw from a MoneyPass ATM, you can withdraw up to the ATM withdrawal limit for free. However, if you’re using an out-of-network ATM, you’ll be liable to a fee of $2.50 per withdrawal, and that’s not even the only downside.

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You can have up to $100,000 on your Bluebird Prepaid Debit card, but that’s only possible if you have a single card. In other words, Bluebird allows you to have a total of $100,000 distributed across all your cards if you have several of them.


Bluebird ATM Limit


Just like all other similar platforms, Bluebird has specific limits on every card it offers to customers, effectively limiting you from withdrawing as much as you want at once. If you’re someone who uses a lot of cash regularly, you may want to know these limits to prevent them from limiting you.

Here is the daily, weekly, and monthly Bluebird ATM limit for the prepaid debit card that the platform offers.


  • Bluebird Daily ATM Limit

The daily ATM limit is the most common amongst banks, since it makes the most sense, at least to me. Judging from its policy on limits, it seems like daily limits also make the most sense to Bluebird, as the deposit account agreement includes a daily limit.

The regular ATM withdrawal limit for Bluebird is $750 combined for all your Bluebird accounts. When you compare that to similar services, you’ll notice that Bluebird’s offering is way below the average, and you don’t have to be a big money spender to feel constricted. Thankfully, you can get around this pitiful limit by using cash pickup powered by Ria.

According to the agreement, ATM or teller cash withdrawals powered by Ria may not exceed $2,500 per day per Bluebird account. If you have multiple Bluebird accounts, the maximum you can withdraw across all of them is $2,900, going by the same agreement.

If you’re not sure what “cash withdrawals powered by Ria” means, you may want to wait a bit, as I’ll be explaining that in no time.

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  • Bluebird Weekly and Monthly ATM Limit

Some banks and finance apps don’t stop at a small ATM limit, they also go further to impose weekly and monthly limits to frustrate you further. Thankfully, Bluebird isn’t one of those, since I can’t find any official documents that show Bluebird will impose any weekly limit on your account.

However, some pages on their official website affirm that Bluebird reserves the right to impose any appropriate limits on unverified accounts and special cases. Since no more detail is provided about these cases, no one can say with absolute confidence that Bluebird doesn’t impose weekly ATM limits on some accounts.

Thankfully, you can work around such limits by verifying your Bluebird account. The verification process for Bluebird is pretty easy, and if you followed all the necessary steps when creating your account, there’s a pretty good chance that you have a verified account already.


How to View Your Bluebird ATM Limit


If you think Bluebird is applying an unusual ATM withdrawal limit to your account, you can check it yourself and compare your limits to the ones quoted here. Checking your Bluebird ATM limit is pretty easy if you have access to your account.

You can always check the applicable Bluebird limits through the mobile app. The limit is also available from the official website and you can contact customer support using the appropriate numbers from their contact page to check if your account is truly limited.

Before checking, however, you should know that the Bluebird ATM withdrawal limit will apply across all the accounts you have with Bluebird. If you intended to withdraw the limit using your alternate account after exhausting the limit on one account, you’ll likely end up disappointed.



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Bluebird isn’t a traditional bank, and it isn’t even trying to be one. A glaring proof that it isn’t trying to be a traditional bank is the mediocre $750 withdrawal limit if you’re using any regular ATM around. That limit also signifies that the prepaid debit card wasn’t made for cash hoarders.

If you need to withdraw more, you can use cash withdrawals powered by Ria, a service that seems to offer much better withdrawal limits. A bump from the regular $750 limit to $2,500 is much better, at least if you ask me.

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