Apps That Let You Borrow Money With Chime?


There are times when you need money urgently, and you probably can’t rely on your next payday, which may take up to two to three weeks. The best option is to find a place where you can get a small loan and get it paid on your next payday.

In cases like this, you certainly do not wish to go to a bank, because you actually need a small loan, which doesn’t require going to a bank, and setting up collateral.


What you need at this moment is a cash advance app. Cash advance apps let you borrow money, even before your next payday. Once your payday comes, the amount of money you have borrowed will be deducted from your account.


Quite interesting right, there are several cash advance apps that work on a No-fee basis, meaning the amount of money you borrowed doesn’t attract any interest rate, unlike how most traditional banks work.


Considering being a user of Chime, though Chime offers a loan service, by giving you an overdraft of up to $200, I am pretty sure this isn’t what you are looking for.


Apps That Let You Borrow Money With Chime?


Therefore, in this article,, I will be showing your several loan apps that work with Chime.


Apps That Let You Borrow Money With Chime

Just as I have mentioned earlier, there are several apps that let you borrow money with Chime. I will be listing 3 apps that I have tested and that work perfectly.


You can choose any of these three apps based on what they offer, their interest rate, the maximum amount to borrow, payback time,, and so on.



Empower comes first on our list because it is no doubt going to be your first choice. 


With Empower you can get a cash advance of up to $250. However, each transaction you make comes with no-interest fee, but rather you have to pay a monthly subscription of $8.

Empower also comes with a no-check requirement, same-day delivery to an Empower checking account.

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Once you are a user of Empower you can get a cash advance for as low as $25, and as high as $250.

However, before you can get started with Empower you need to have met certain requirements, the requirements needed are as follows


  1. Your Bank account must have been opened for about 2 months.
  2. You must have made an average of two transactions per day.
  3. More than three Deposits must have been done from the same employer.
  4. Your monthly take-home income must not be less than $1,000


Empower comes in four stages, which are $25, $50, $100, and $250, each of these price ranges, has certain requirements that need to be met by you.



  1. You can get up to $250 on Empower
  2. No Interest Fees applied
  3. No late fees applied
  4. Early Payday
  5. Up to 10% cashback


To get started with Empower, you need to first download the Empower mobile app, which can be found on the Google play store and the app store.



Albert is another great option aside from Empower, Albert you can also get up to $250 as a cash advance. Albert is quite good at Banking, Investment,, and Savings.


Unlike other cash advance apps, with Albert, you can get your cash advance the same day you applied, although it is going to attract a fee of $4.99.

Once you are qualified for Cash Advance on Albert, you can begin getting cash advances on Albert.

The criteria to start getting cash advance on Albert are as follows:

  1. A Recurring income over the past two months, either monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly.
  2. Your current bank account must not be less than $0
  3. Direct deposit of a job and receive verifiable income.


Once you are able to connect your chime bank account to Albert and have met the criteria I have mentioned above, you can start getting cash advances up to $250.

You can also get up to 3 cash advances per pay period, as long as you have a paycheck and have repaid your past advances.



  1. Investing
  2. Budgeting
  3. Saving 
  4. No interest fee
  5. Can get cash advance same day, but will attract a $4.99 
  6. Early payday
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Once you have downloaded Albert you can connect your Chime account to Albert, to start receiving cash advances.



If you have a Chime account, you can link it up with MoneyLion.

Money Lion comes with a no-fee cash advance and allows people to build their financial status, by helping customers reach their financial goals.

MoneyLion allows you to pay back your cash advances when you have the money. 

With MoneyLion you can get cash advances for as high as $250, and as low as $25. If you want to unlock higher advances, then you have to set up direct deposits into your RoarMoney Account, by signing up with a credit builder Plus Membership.

You can also carry out certain tasks in your MoneyLion app, to boost your cash advances.

Just like other Loan apps, MoneyLion does have its own criteria, that you as a user must meet before you can start getting cash advance from them


Some of the criteria are as follows: 

  1. Your checking account must not be less than 2 months old
  2. It has a balance higher than 0
  3. Your account must be active
  4. It must have a regular Deposit of your income/ paychecks.



  1. Get up to $250 dollars
  2. No interest rate
  3. No credit check
  4. Early payday
  5. No late fees


Does Klover work with Chime?

Yes, With Chime, you can get a cash advance of up to $250, once you are able to link your Chime bank with Klover, and have met the requirements.

According to the Klover official, you can make a cash advance up to $100. However, creating an account with Klover doesn’t mean you are qualified to make the cash advances, you need to have made at least three consistent direct deposits within the past two months.


Does Dave Work Chime?

With Dave you can get a a cash advance of up to $100,  Dave also helps you to build your credit score, one amazing thing with Dave is, It comes with a no credit fee, or minimum credit Check requirements.

Once you have met the minimum requirements to start getting cash advance, you can begin getting cash advance on Dave.


Does Earnin work with Chime?

Well, answering this question isn’t straightforward, most people do complain about Earnin not accepting their Chime account, therefore, the answer to the question is, No.

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I have listed several apps that work quite well with Chime, therefore, it is better to assess these apps and ensure that they will really work well for you. 


The loan apps I have listed don’t require any form of interest fee or credit check. Apps like Dave, Empower, and and MoneyLion, are quite good apps that work well with your Chime checking account.

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