Does Venmo Notify If You Add A Friend?


Adding friends is one of the interesting features of Venmo, as it allows users to share money. But does Venmo notify you if you add a friend?.

As a new Venmo user, you might not be familiar with how it works, especially with adding friends. 

This guide will let you know if Venmo notifies the people you send a friend request to.


Let’s dig in.


Does Venmo Notify If You Add A Friend?


Does Venmo Notify If You Add A Friend?


Venmo is very much different from other payment apps as it doubles as a payment app and a social network. It pretty much has most of the functions most social media apps possess and more.

The answer to the question of whether or not Venmo notifies you if you add a friend is yes and no. Let me explain…

There are different methods of adding friends on Venmo, and they include:


  • Manual search: this includes searching for a user using their name or username.
  • Phone contacts: This involves syncing your phone contacts list with your Venmo app. Once the syncing is complete, Venmo automatically adds those contacts that are registered on Venmo to your friend’s list.
  • Facebook contact: This is the same as the phone contact. All you have to do is allow Venmo to access your Facebook account and it automatically adds all your Facebook friends that are registered on Venmo to your friend list.
  • Scanning QR codes: This has to be done by scanning a user’s QR code and the app will take you to their profile to add them as a friend.


Venmo will notify your friends if you send them a request using the manual search (adding with name or username) or if you scan their QR codes. But it will not notify them if you add them through your phone contact or your Facebook contact, as this process adds them automatically.


Some people also want to know if Venmo will notify them if someone checks their profile. The answer is no. Venmo does not notify you if someone checks your profile, and it won’t notify other users if you check their profile also. This shouldn’t be annoying because even big social media companies like Instagram and Facebook do not have this feature.


How Do You Know if You Added Someone on Venmo?


How Do You Know if You Added Someone on Venmo?


There is no exact way to know if you’ve added someone on Venmo. The thing is, there are different ways people get added to your friend list. As listed above, it could be through a QR code scan, manual search, Facebook contact, or your phone contact list. 

Your Facebook and phone contact lists are automatically added to your friend list as long as you’ve given Venmo access, while the other two methods (manual search and scanning QR codes) have to be initiated before your friend list is updated.

The only way to know who your friends are on Venmo is by checking your friend’s list. And you can check your friend list by going to your profile page and clicking on “friends list”. 

You can also check your friend’s friends list by tapping on the profile of the friend. Please, you should know your friend list can also be viewed by any of your friends. 

However, you can deny them this access by changing your privacy settings.


What Happens When You Add Someone as A Friend on Venmo?


What Happens When You Add Someone as A Friend on Venmo?


Venmo is different from other payment apps as it has a public activity feed that allows you to share things with your friends, and it also allows them to access some of your account data.

Certain things happen once you add a friend on Venmo that are different from other payment apps. There is some information that, by default, your friends get access to unless you change your privacy settings.


Here are what happens when you add a friend on Venmo:


  • Once you add someone as a friend on Venmo, they can send or request money from you. And you can also send or request money from them as well.
  • They can see your friends list and how many people are on your friend list. You can also see their friends list and how many people are on their friend’s list.
  • They have access to see your transactions, but sensitive details like bank account, debit, and credit card numbers will not be viewable. Only the amount of money being sent is visible.
  • They have access to your real name and profile pictures.


However, you can deny them all of these by simply changing your privacy settings to private rather than the public default settings.


Can You Tell if Someone Blocked You on Venmo?


Venmo does not notify a user if they have been blocked by another user. However, there is a way to check if someone has blocked you. Please note that this could also mean that the person has deleted his account or Venmo suspended the account because of suspicious activity.

Nonetheless, here is a step-to-step guide on how to check if someone has blocked you.


  • Sign in to your account: Open your Venmo app either on an Android or iOS device and log into your account.
  • Click on the “pay and request” button: Click on where you’ll usually go to send money to a user.
  • Type the username or name of the user: if you’re not certain if you’ve been blocked by a user? Type their username or name in the contact search template. If they were in your friend list before and their name does not come up, it could most likely mean they blocked you from their friend list. It could also mean that they deleted their account or Venmo suspended their account. But you can also click on “show more results” at the bottom of the screen. It will bring out more users.



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Following the guidelines outlined above, you should be able to know what happens when you add someone to your friend list and also know how to tell if you’ve been blocked by a user.

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