If I Unfriend Someone On Venmo Will They Know?


If you’re contemplating removing a friend on Venmo, or you’ve removed a friend but you keep wondering if they will notice or be notified by Venmo.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the removal and blocking of friends on Venmo. 


Will A Friend Be Notified When Removed On Venmo?


Your friend will receive no notification from Venmo when they’re removed from your friend list on Venmo.  However, a removed friend will still be able to see you by running a Venmo search. To restrict a friend from totally seeing your account on Venmo, you will have to block the friend. 


How Do I Remove A Friend On Venmo?


How Do I Remove A Friend On Venmo


You can easily remove a friend from your friend list through the mobile app and the web. All you have to do is locate the friend profile on Venmo. Once the profile has been located, click on the Options icon in the upper right-hand corner and click on Remove as a friend to remove a friend on the web. 


On the mobile app, click on Friends, select Checkmark, and click on Unfriend. Once these procedure has been correctly followed, the friend will be removed from your friends list. 


Can I Make My Venmo Account Private?


There are three different privacy options available on Venmo. You can set your privacy to public, friends only, and private.  When your privacy is set to Public, all transactions made will be available on the public feed which will allow anyone to be able to view them. 


With Friends only, only individuals on your Venmo friend list will be able to view your transactions. The second party on your transaction will also have access to it as well as the second party Venmo friends. 


When your privacy is set to Private, your transactions will not be made available anywhere except your Story which is located in your transaction feed.  It will also appear in the second-party feed as well.


How Can I Block Someone On Venmo?


There are many reasons why you may be willing to block someone on Venmo.  To block someone on Venmo, log into the mobile app on your device and click on the menu icon which is located at the top of the screen. 


Click on search people to find the account you wanted to block. Once the account has been located, click on the options icon located in the upper right corner of your screen.  The option to block the account will be available in red, click on it and you will have successfully blocked the account.


The blocked account will not show up in your Venmo again, the account will also be unable to find your account through a Venmo search. The user will also be unable to send or make a request for payment from you. 


What Will Happen If I Block Someone On Venmo?


Your account will become unreachable to a blocked user on Venmo, they will also be unable to carry out any transaction with you. They will be unable to click on your profile and when they search for your name, it will come out as XXX which will make them believe your Venmo account has been deleted.  

However, a blocked user can still use another Venmo account to search for you and they will be able to reach out to you through it. 


Will A Blocked User Be Able To View Past Transactions?


A blocked user will be unable to view your past transaction. They won’t be able to click on your profile immediately after you blocked the account. All the transactions made with the blocked users will also be deleted 


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Venmo is undisputedly one of the most used Peer to Peer money transfer platforms. Setting up your account is easy and navigating through your transaction process is straightforward. 


One of the features that makes it different from its peer is the availability of friends and public feeds which makes your transaction accessible to friends and the public.


However, you can choose to set your privacy settings to private to deny people access to your transaction or you can unfriend an individual from your friend list to stop the user from having access to your transactions without them knowing about it. 

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