Chime Spot Me Cash Back Not Working


Hello there, are you experiencing your Chime Spot Me Cash Back not working, and worried about how it can be fixed?

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I have personally seen Chime bank as one of the most trusted, secured, and fast banks, offering typically its services on mobile space.


It is different from other Fintech apps offering its services on a mobile platform, that you might think of. It prioritizes freedom, meaning almost all transactions you make on Chime are completely void of any added charges.

Making the best option for people who want to opt into a different prospect from traditional banks.


Aside from these offers, as a user of Chime, you are entitled to a credit builder card, where you can build your credit score. Once it is time to make a withdrawal from your Chime Credit Account, you can simply use the Chime credit builder card.

Chime also offers a debit card that is quite a handful to its users, the debit card can therefore be used just the way you make use of your traditional bank cards.


But one thing people also look at, is how these banks support overdraft, Spot Me, also has a space on that aspect, you can make an overdraft of up to $200 and get it paid at the expected and appropriate time.


Now, while using Spot Me for purchases, you might experience the Spot Me Cashback not working, how do you fix it?

In this article, I will be showing your likely things that could cause this and how to fix it.


Chime Spot Me Cash Back Not Working [Troubleshooting Steps]


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Chime Spot Me Cash Back Not Working


While using the Chime Spot Me in making payments for your purchase online, even when you have insufficient money in your spending account.

You aren’t exempted from having varied issues that might arise, therefore, I have picked several reasons why your Chime Spot Me Cash Back isn’t working and how it can be fixed.


  • Chime SpotMe limit is Over

This is one of the problems that are likely to cause the Chime Spot Me Cash Back from working properly, ensure you make a consistent check on your Chime Spot me Limit, in order not to exceed your limit.


This problem does occur mostly when trying to spend more than your spot limit. The Chime Spot Me does come with a limit and it identifies how much can be over-drafted. 


If you try exceeding this amount you will receive an error that there is no money in your checking account.


A simple scenario:

Let’s say you are given a Spot Me limit of $50, and therefore, you can’t get overdrafts higher than $50 on Spot Me, so, therefore, you made a purchase of $150 from an online store, whereas, you have only $100 available in your account.


The $50 added, has helped you cover the payment of what you had purchased, if you try purchasing another item without adding more money to your account, you will get an error message.

Therefore, have it in mind that, The Chime Spot Me won’t work after you have exceeded your spot limit.


  • Chime Debit Card isn’t Enabled

The Chime Spot Me works with the Chime debit card and not the chime credit card. However, do you know that you can either turn ON or OFF your chime debit card?


Once your debit card is turned off, you will not be able to get Cashback from the Chime Spot Me, since it mostly works with the Chime Debit card.

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Once your debit card is turned off, you won’t be able to make any transaction with your chime debit card, either at online stores or offline.

Therefore, turning on your debit card can be done as follows:

Open the Chime Mobile app, and navigate to the Settings option, tap on the debit card option, if the card is turned off, you can see it, therefore, you can simply enable the card if it was disabled.


  • Requesting an Over-The-Limit Amount

You Shouldn’t Take This Point Similar to The First Point I Had Stated Earlier.

If you could remember, the Spot Me does come with a dynamic limit amount, signifying that you can’t get an overdraft more than this amount.


However, whenever you are requesting an overdraft higher than your present Spot Me limit, you won’t be able to get a cashback.

Therefore, you must ensure that the payment you make with Spot Me, doesn’t exceed the Spot Me limit, but rather, should be within the limit range.


  • SpotMe is Disabled

If the chime spot is disabled, you will not be able to get a cashback. Therefore you must ensure that Spot Me is always ON.


To ensure that the Spot Me is On, you can navigate to the settings of the Chime Mobile app, then hover to the Spot Me option, and turn it ON if it’s OFF.


Why Is My Chime Overdraft Not Working?


Why Is My Chime Overdraft Not Working


Most users do experience their Chime overdraft not working, therefore, you must ensure that you haven’t exceeded your overdraft limit.

If trying to make any payments either online or offline that are kind of exceeding your Spot Me limit, you will get an error while making such payment.

Therefore, your spending should revolve below your overdraft limit, and not exceed your overdraft limit.


Can You Get Cash Back with Spot Me on Chime?


Yes, you can get a cashback with Spot Me, whenever you pay for a particular purchase online, you can simply get a cashback from these stores.

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With stores like Walmart, you can get cash back with your Chime spot me.



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Several causes might result in your Chime Spot Me Cashback not working, of which I have listed several problems that are likely to result in this technical glitch and suggest ways on how it can be fixed.


If after you have tried all the methods on how you can fix such an issue, and the error persists, you can try contacting the Chime support center.

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