20+ Anniversary Wishes For Husband On Facebook

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Anniversary time is when to tell your husband how much he worth to you. Your husband is your best friend and life partner, no matter long you guys have been together the love should get to increase and be new every day. Celebration of anniversary is a time of reflection for the work through marriage. 

Both partners should show how they value each other, though due to men busy life they usually forget it. It is still time for you as his wife to remind him, and how special he is to you.

If it is your wedding anniversary time and you are looking for the best an7niversary messages to post on Facebook, here we got you covered. I will be sharing with you anniversary wishes for husband funny.

Use the following notes and make the day special for him. In as much you want to give gift but I will tell you the fact. No gift is better than those words from your heart. You can buy for him what he likes most or take him on a trip to a place that he likes. But adding funny anniversary wishes for husband on facebook make thing much better. When posting on Facebook don’t forget to tag him to the post.

Let’s get started with best anniversary facebook posts

Anniversary Wishes For Husband On Facebook

The following are best heart touching anniversary wishes for husband that you can post on Facebook:


“I thank the God that gave me you, you have been a blessing to my life from day one. I will spend the rest of my life to you, I will always be there for you till my last breathe. I am the happiest woman on earth today, all because of your love. Thanks for choosing me as your partner. Happy anniversary Sweetheart.”

“Happy anniversary to the best husband on earth. This is a new year to explore together. I want to appreciate you for years spent together. I pray that love, joy and peace will be with us in this New Year.”

“Happy anniversary to the love of my life, I love you more than i can express. I am happy that you choose to spend your life with me. Happy anniversary sweetheart”

“They are so many reasons to be happy in life nut I don’t need them all. I need only you to be happy. Happy anniversary baby, thanks for being there for me.”

“My daily routine and dosage are incomplete without you – vitamin U. happy anniversary”


“Happy anniversary to you, I will love you till death but I want to live with you forever. You are the definition of a real man, some many times I thank for giving me precious Gold like you. As today marks our anniversary, I pray that our love for each other will be renewed every morning.”

“It has been a journey to forever, through the stony, tough, bad and good days. All have been easy with you by my side. Hope you remembered how we said I do to each other. Happy anniversary my love” Anniversary Wishes For Husband On Facebook

“I love you now, I love you then, I will always love you. My love for you is timeless, I will love you forever. Happy anniversary my dear husband”

“What more will I ask God, when I have a caring Husband. A loving father, a darling lover and great helper. The pne that has solution to all my problems. I want to tell you that you are wonderful and great. Happy anniversary sweetheart”


Anniversary wishes for husband funny

“Day by day, hour by hour… when I count my blessings, I count you first. Since the day I said I do, things changed. Thanks for choosing to share your life with me. Happy anniversary”

“Good to know how time flies, glad to know that we made it together. Now our haters can shut up, it has been great with you by my side. Thanks for being my lover, happy anniversary dear.”

“When things get difficult you where there. When I needed someone to share my sorrows with you where there. You shared with me in joy and sorrows. I want to tell you that you are amazing and great, am graced to have someone like you. Thanks for being there, Happy anniversary dear love.” Anniversary Wishes For Husband On Facebook

“I can boast with you, you are the cutest, hottest and sweetest husband on earth. I don’t need vacation from you, because every day is my honeymoon. Happy wedding anniversary my husband



“I can do everything for you, but one thing I can’t do is to share you with anyone out there. With you my world is complete, you rock my world sweetie. Happy anniversary dear, hope you are ready to catch the fun today.”

“Even after a year with you am still dreaming. How could I be so lucky to have a man like you? you are the best. No man is like you on earth, Happy anniversary my Joy, let’s rock today.”

“Right from the day that you said “HI”, I knew that you are different from others. I felt the calmness in my spirit that you are the one. Gentle, kind and respectful, you are God sent to me. My perfect gift from above, happy anniversary my love. let’s keep the fire of love burning.”


First wedding anniversary wishes for husband On Facebook

“My prince charming, I get weak when I see your smile but I grow wings when I notice that I am the reason. Don’t blame me, I always get lost in your eye. Happy anniversary Sweetheart”

“I have seen many describe perfect husbands, but the truth is that they don’t exist. Why? Because I have taken the perfect husband. Happy anniversary dear, it has been a year of awesome experience with you.”



“So much joy in me that we found each other. Great that we decide to become one. So glad I love you, happy anniversary my sunshine.”

“The beat of my heart is for you, the air I breathe, I breathe you. My day starts with you. I am so glad that I found you, happy anniversary to my shining star.”

“Thanks for being my lover, husband, and my best friend. Thanks for the beautiful moments and priceless memories. Happy anniversary” Anniversary Wishes For Husband On Facebook

“I am so happy that we made it this far. I pray that we will go far in this journey. Thanks for being a darling husband and equally proving your love to me. Happy anniversary my Heart bearer”


2nd wedding anniversary wishes for husband On Facebook

“Many have sought the meaning of life, many scholars have given their definition but they missed it. Because you are the perfect definition of life, I will be with you now and eternity. Happy anniversary dear”

“From the very day that we met till the day that we said I do. I knew that you are the perfect match for me. Am glad we found each other, happy anniversary dear”

“Everything in my life revolves around you. You smiles brings me good lucky and your laughter brightens my day. Happy anniversary sweetheart” best anniversary facebook posts

“You always run on my mind, a minute of my life wouldn’t pass by without the thinking of you. My love for you is new every morning though we have been together for years. I still love you like yesterday and my love remains same forever. Happy anniversary sweet husband”

“We may not have achieved much but your love for me is enough for me. You love makes me glow in darkness, without you my life will never be complete. I pray for more blessings as we celebrate our anniversary.


Anniversary Wishes For Husband On Facebook

“I call you my completeness, my lover, my heart bearer. Truly you are a perfect man, man with no flaws. Thanks for sharing your life with me, happy anniversary dear.”

“This is just the beginning, centuries are yet to come. Just know that, I am with you for now and till eternity. Happy anniversary dear

“I love you because of how you make me feel not for who you are. With you I feel complete. Thanks to God creating a world where only you and I exist. Is another year of been together, happy anniversary sweetheart.”

“I remember the way we looked at each other on our first meeting. I can’t forget you smile that got me falling in love, dam it that smile is evergreen till date. Thanks for being the laughter that brings rainbow. Happy anniversary”

“Our anniversary is just a celebration of wedding or years of been together. It is the celebration of every day of been together. It is the celebration of the love we share each day.”



Funny anniversary wishes for husband on facebook

“I love you smile most, no I love you cute laugh, I just love everything about you. no picture frame is large enough to contain our memories together. I pray for more on our anniversary celebration. Thanks for always been the perfect man.”

“I wonder how the world would have been without you. Loneliness would have been mine, thanks you are here to fill in my loneliness. Happy anniversary to the best husband in the world” Anniversary Wishes For Husband On Facebook

“Today reminds me of the decision I took years back, I am delighted to have you as my life partner. Today is the best day of my life, happy anniversary dear.”

“From the first day that we meet each other I knew that our heart is meant to be together. I knew you are the perfect match for me, happy anniversary.”

“Though we are few miles apart. I may not get to hold you as much as I want but know that my heart beats for you.”

“What that matters in life is not who you go with, what you do but who is beside you. Thanks for being there for me, more blessings in forth coming years.”


Best Anniversary Facebook Posts

“Do you know I enjoy our talking for two hours about nothing? I love the way your body moves when we sleep. I am grateful the way you make out time for me. Thanks honey”

“I am the luckiest woman to have you as my husband. Because of you, today is my happiest day in my life. Happy wedding anniversary, I pray for more anniversaries in good health.”

“Now they can see that you and I can never be apart. All hearts in the world none is like yours for me. In the entire world there is no love like mine to you. Happy anniversary sweetheart”


“To my precious husband. I call you precious because you are more than gold. Hard like diamond, soft like bread. Thanks for being the best father in the world to my children. With you I have a story; my world is complete with you in it.”

Happy anniversary to my dear husband, who have shown me the true meaning of love. He has been my comfort in the days of sadness. The only that cheers me up when I fail. Baby you are the reason for my happiness. Thanks for making me yours.”

“I pray that the years to come will be tremendous and super great. I ask for joy and happiness for us in forth coming years. Nothing will separate us, thanks much for standing beside me. Happy anniversary”


Anniversary Wishes For Husband On Facebook

“We are two different persons but our souls are together. It is really amazing, thanks for your understanding and accepting my wrongs. Is a new year of a love filled life, let’s go flawless.”

“Growing old with you is the best thing that have happened to me. You love makes me younger. I must confess, I love the way you treat me like a baby. Happy anniversary, it is a new year to explore the world of love with you.”

“No doubt you are simply the best. If I will come back to life after death, I will choose to spend eternity with you. I will continue loving you, you deserve more.”

“I lived in an empty world before I met you. My life was back then incomplete. I am grateful to God that you showed up, ever since then I felt completeness. You made life meaningful for me. Happy anniversary sweetheart”

“I am stuck with you like glue. There is none on earth like you, my perfect man. You are the apple of my eye, my heart bearer, my priceless gold. Thanks for the beautiful moments together. I love you”

“Few years of marriage but I feel like we met yesterday. Thanks for being there when I needed you most. Happy wedding anniversary to my dear husband”

“To the most beautiful couple in the world. As we celebrate our marriage anniversary let love, happiness and joy increase. I love you more than words can say.”

“Anniversaries are just date but it reminds me of all we have been through. Indeed you a great man, the one I love so much. Today mark how our fate intertwined. I am happy to have you in my life.”

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